Regional Societies

Discover the benefits of joining a regional society

Regional societies are a result of groups of members who come together with a common interest in providing a regional or cultural hub for actuarial development, both professionally and socially, with the support and encouragement of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).

The volunteers who run regional societies do so for the benefit of members in their area and to help raise the profession's profile.

Regional societies, while not part of the IFoA or subject to the IFoA governance structure, work in close partnership with the IFoA to support and develop actuaries around the globe.

Download and read our Regional Societies Toolkit (PDF, 480 KB)

You can join a regional society and benefit from:

  • networking opportunities in your region
  • a forum to share and discuss the latest research in your field or area of expertise
  • provide valuable opportunities for professional and personal development for students and qualified actuaries.

Each society listed below has a webpage that includes events and talks, networking opportunities, social media links, and direct contact information to find out more and get involved. Click on a regional society link below to find out more.