Impact Report 2021-22

Read about the impact our members have made over the last year, both to the actuarial profession and society.

In 2021-22, our members once again stepped up, shared knowledge, and put themselves front and centre of key debates, whenever their expertise was required.

They gave evidence at select committees, kept sustainability on the agenda, developed information in the fight against the pandemic, volunteered across numerous boards and committees, and much more. In this report, we pay tribute to their achievements.

We hope our latest impact report will help demonstrate to businesses, policymakers, and society the unique skills that actuaries bring to business outcomes and societal needs.

The IFoA is the voice of actuaries, committed to advocating for our members across financial services and the wider business world.

Impact Report 2021-22

Impact Report 2021-22

Read about the impact, achievements, and successes of our members over the last year. Format: interactive webpage.

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