Support for Actuarial Employers

The IFoA Careers Team can support you with raising awareness of actuarial careers, exploring actuarial apprenticeship opportunities and promoting graduate recruitment

Working together

We work in partnership with employers of actuaries to promote the actuarial profession to outstanding maths students from a diverse range of backgrounds, reaching students across the globe through a range of channels and events, regularly publishing engaging digital and print content, and building networks with schools, universities, teachers and careers advisers.

We have a range of resources available to help you reach students and support your current actuarial trainees.


Promoting actuarial careers and opportunities with your organisation

Would you like to reach talented students in schools and universities? We are have a range of options to help employers reach young people interested in the actuarial profession and we continue to explore innovative digital and in person opportunities to reach talented diverse students

Our Employer Directory, provides a platform for leading actuarial employers worldwide to promote work placements, internships, trainee and graduate roles to top maths students. Our Employer Directory is popular with students with over 6,000  downloads. 

Discover more facts about our actuarial Employer Directory.

We also have opportunities to reach students through careers blogs, emails and events, including our award winning Count Me In event.

Our flagship Count Me In event celebrates the diversity within the actuarial professional and inspires students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, to become actuaries.


Career Ambassadors

Our Career Ambassadors play a central role in promoting actuarial careers, apprenticeships and graduate opportunities. Our Careers Ambassadors demonstrate the diversity within the profession, sharing their career journeys and experiences and providing valuable insight into the first steps to becoming an actuary. They also raise the profile of their employers amongst young people considering their career opportunities and can spot talented students that may one day become a valued member of your team.

We support IFoA Career Ambassadors to engage with schools, universities and their local community through a talks, events and careers promotion materials.  They also have the opportunity to reach a diverse range of students and promote careers at your organisation through a number of different digital activities, including;  case studies, blogs and much more. 

If you would like to find out more about our Career Ambassador programme or how you or members of your team can get involved contact us.


Global employers

We are a growing global community, with over 65% of our student members based outside of the UK. Speak with our Markets Development team to find out more about the partnership and promotional opportunities available in your region. We are also looking for international employers to feature in our regional careers promotional materials, events, case studies and careers update newsletter.

Contact us to find out how you can get involved.


Actuarial apprenticeships

You can find out more about support, standards and training providers for actuarial apprenticeships on our Apprenticeship employers web page.

If you are thinking of setting up an actuarial apprenticeship scheme we can put you in touch with employers who are already running an apprenticeship scheme currently in order to understand the scheme better in relation to your company. Contact us to find out more

If you currently provide actuarial apprenticeships we can promote your organisation and apprenticeship scheme through case studies, blogs and career events throughout the year.

Contact our Careers team to find out more.


IFoA exam support for employers

You can find out more about how to support students at your organisation as they progress through IFoA examinations, the benefits of becoming one of our Student Employer Contacts and the ways in which we support and engage with employers of IFoA students on our Information for employers web page


Get involved

If there are particular fields, domains or career paths you would like to us to help you promote or if you would like to find out more about working in partnership with our team, contact our Careers team, who will be happy to help..


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Contact Details:

If you would like to speak to a Career Ambassador, or enquire about becoming a Career Ambassador, or would like help with finding speakers to attend a careers event, please contact the Careers team.

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