Become an Actuary

Choosing the right career for you when there is so much information out there can be a real challenge. But if you’re interested in a career where your maths skills can really make a difference, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve brought together everything you need to know about becoming an actuary.

What is an Actuary explains what an actuary is, what they do, where they work, and why you should consider becoming an actuary.

How to become an Actuary will provide you with more information about how you can qualify as an actuary, the exams you need to take, and how you can become an IFoA student member.

If you’re ready to find your first actuarial role, you find information about work placements, internships, trainee roles, and graduate positions in Your First Actuarial Role.

If you’re based outside of the UK, we have tailored resources and local networks to guide you as you take your first steps towards a career in actuarial science.

Parents, teachers and careers advisers

We have a range of resources, advice and guidance to help you support bright young maths students to become the next generation of actuaries.

Find out how we can help you support talented maths students as they choose their future careers and connect them with employers.


If you’re an employer who wants to reach out to bright young maths students and promote actuarial career opportunities at your organisation visit Supporting Actuarial Employers to find out how we can help.

You can also find out more about becoming an apprenticeship provider and support and resources available for employers supporting students through IFoA qualifications.


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