New exam system technical requirements

All the technical requirements for our new exam system


We have taken the decision to defer the introduction of a new online exam delivery system, following our recent live exam system testing.

We will deliver all IFoA exams in their traditional format, on our current exam system in April 2024.

Operating system

The new exam system can be run on:

  • Windows (versions 10 and 11)
  • macOS (from version 10.6 and all later versions)


The exam system is fully web based. The only software you will need is a compatible browser (see below) and any software required by your camera or microphone.

Compatible internet browsers

For Windows: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

For macOS: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Please do not use of any other browser, other than those listed above.

Hardware requirements

Your PC must have a:

  • RAM of 1 GB or above
  • minimum of 64 MB of graphics memory (shared or dedicated)
  • sound card microphone that is internal or uses a standard 3.5mm jack (mobile microphones are not recommended)
  • webcam that supports a minimum 320 x 240 and records colour videos at 15 frames per second (fps)
  • processer that is x86-compatible and is 1 GHz or faster (for Netbooks, an Intel® AtomTM 1.6GHz or faster processor)

Technical readiness check

You can quickly and easily check whether your equipment and software meet the technical requirements for our exam system by completing a technical readiness check.

Clicking on the technical readiness check link below will tell you whether your equipment and software meet our technical requirements.

Complete a technical readiness check

We recommend you complete a technical readiness check on the equipment you intend to use to sit your exams at the earliest possible opportunity, to identify and resolve any potential equipment or software issues.

Internet speed

The minimum upload and download speed is 1 Mbps. But we recommend an upload and download speed of 2 Mbps where possible.

Test your internet speed

You can test whether your internet speed meets the minimum requirements for upload and download using the following link:

Internet speed test

Connecting to the exam system

To check you can connect to the new exam system, please click on the following links:

You must be able to connect to these links to access the new exam system.

We recommend you test access on the equipment and internet connection you intend to use to sit your exams.

Using VPNs and proxy servers

Please avoid sitting your exam using an internet connection that includes a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy server where possible.

While there are no existing or known issues with accessing the new IFoA exam system using either proxy servers or a VPN, each VPN or proxy server, and combinations of the two, can manipulate internet traffic in different ways.

This means that some internet connections and configurations could cause difficulties accessing our new exam system and require reconfiguration to fix this.

If you cannot avoid using a VPN or proxy server, please make sure you test your equipment using the internet connection you plan to use for your exam before your exam day, otherwise you may not be able to connect to the system on your exam day.

Testing your connection

You can test your connection to our new exam system at any time using our technical readiness check. Or you can use one of our familiarisation exams. Testing your connection will give you time to try alternate configurations or connections and seek technical help, should you need it.

If you will be sitting your exam in your workplace, attempting familiarisation exams will enable you to confirm whether there are firewalls or other web filtering activity that could limit or prohibit access to your exam. This will give you time and opportunity to request access from your employer if you need it.

Further information

You will find further resources and information on our exam developments page. More information on our new exam system is also there and in our exam developments FAQs. We will update you on all key developments by email and your student and Associate newsletter.


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