Our Standards approval process

As part of its regulatory function, the IFoA sets and maintains a framework of codes, standards and non-mandatory guidance for its members. It does so in a way that is principles-based and outcomes focused. The emphasis is on resolving causes of public interest concern, and steers away from process-focused and ‘tick-box’ models.

The IFoA has published a document 'Standard Setting at the IFoA' to provide information for members, users of actuarial services and the wider public about the IFoA’s framework of professional standards and to ensure transparency around the principles adopted in relation to standard setting at the IFoA.

Standard setting at the IFoA

Should you have any questions about this document or standard setting at the IFoA then please contact the Regulation Policy Team.

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Contact Details:

If you have any questions about standard setting at the IFoA please email