Actuarial Profession Standards (APS)

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) members must comply with Actuarial Profession Standards (APSs)

APSs apply to all IFoA members regardless of location.

Actuarial Profession Standards (APSs)

APS Title APS document link
APS X1 Applying Standards to Actuarial Work (Version 1.0) (effective 01.07.2017)
See also Non-mandatory guidance
APS X5 Compensation for Professional Shortcomings (Version 1.0) (effective 20.11.2020)
See also Compensation for Professional Shortcomings - Guide
APS G1 The Chief Actuary in Non-Life Insurance (Version 2.0) (effective 01.09.2017)
APS L1 Duties and Responsibilities of Life Assurance Actuaries (Version 4.0) (effective 02.04.2024)
APS Z1 Duties and responsibilities for actuaries working for UK Trust-based Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (effective 19.11.2023)
APS QA1 Quality Assurance for Organisations (Version 3.0) (effective 01.04.2022)
APS X2 Review of Actuarial Work (Version 1.0) (effective 01.07.2015)
See also Non-mandatory guidance
APS X3 The Actuary as an Expert in Legal Proceedings (Version 2.0)   (effective 20.04.2018)
See also Non-mandatory guidance
APS X4 Social Security Programmes (effective 27.02.2020) 
APS D1 Investment Related Business Activities for Authorised Professional Firms (Version 3.0) (effective 01.07.2016)
See also Non-mandatory guidance
APS G2 Actuarial Reporting for Lloyd's Syndicates Writing US Business (Version 1.1) (effective 01.04.2014)
APS L2 The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Communications by Actuaries) Regulations 2003 (Version 1.1) (effective 01.04.2014)

Duties and Responsibilities of Members Undertaking Work In Relation to Pension Schemes (Version 4.0) (effective 01.03.2023)

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