Missed your PPD Deadline?

We are here to support you on your journey towards qualification. Your work-experience recording (Personal and Professional Development) is an essential qualification requirement, alongside sitting your exams. If you are working towards our Associate or Fellow qualification, you are required to complete an annual PPD recording in order to meet the minimum requirements of PPD.

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Please make sure your recording status is kept up to date. We are here to support you with this, however, you should be aware of what will happen if you do not meet your annual PPD recording requirements.

From 24 January 2022 onwards, if your annual PPD deadline passes, and you haven’t recorded the minimum of 3 PPD credits and 2 formal learning hours, you will need to pay a £50 administration fee in order to update your records so that you are compliant. You will have one week (7 days) from your payment date to ensure you have recorded that you have met the minimum PPD requirements for the previous year.

If you have not paid the £50 administration fee and recorded that you have met the minimum PPD requirements for the previous year, three months after your PPD deadline has passed, you will not be able to register for any future assessments until this issue has been resolved.

You can register for future assessments once you have paid the £50 administration charge and completed your PPD recording within the given timeframe (7 days).

You can pay the £50 administration fee, then complete your PPD recording within 7 days at any point in the 12 months following your PPD deadline, in order to resolve your situation. 

If you are experiencing circumstances that have affected your PPD compliance, please contact the Member Services Team at the earliest opportunity.

Specific reasons as to why you are unable to record PPD, such as parental leave, unemployment, further education, or career breaks, should be recorded as a PPD exemption to avoid being flagged as non-compliant. To find out more about PPD exemptions, please see: Monitoring your PPD.

If you need an exemption in your PPD you should contact Member Services before your annual deadline date to record this.

If for any reason you fail to record the minimum requirements for a period of 12 months or more, any previous PPD records you have submitted will not count towards the work experience aspect of your qualification. 

You can find full details of your obligations around PPD compliance in our Terms and Conditions for Students and Associates.



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