Diversity FAQs

Diversity, equity and inclusion data and benchmarking FAQS for IFoA members

We intend to gather data on a range of demographics and characteristics, the detail of which is still to be finalised and agreed upon in keeping with leading practices.

Anonymised data will be reported on the IFoA website and in the Annual Report.

Absolutely.  All data will be provided on a voluntary basis and there will always be an option to indicate if you ‘prefer not to say’.

Data will be stored in the IFoA’s membership database, which is subject to high standards of data protection in line with General Data Protection Regulations.

Our members have told us that championing and embodying the benefits of a globally diverse and inclusive profession is at the heart of our purpose ‘to be the voice of actuaries, and to support, develop and be the voice of our members’. It applies to the IFoA as an employer, as well as to our membership.

While our new DEI strategy is designed to span the next few years, this is a long-term commitment. In some areas, we’ve already begun to make progress; in others, there is more opportunity. We also know that some of the activities we plan will lead to more learning and ideas, as we find out more about what we can and should do. We are committed to providing you with regular updates on the progress that we make in relation to the strategy.

 Please email any questions to DEI@actuaries.org.uk.