Our strategy

In September 2020 we set out our updated strategy for the next 5 years.

As the actuarial profession evolves, we want to ensure that the IFoA remains at the forefront of the curve: broadening our relevance, helping to shape the profession’s future, and attracting new talent, while still ensuring that the profession remains a rewarding one for existing members.

Our strategy is ambitious, robust and well-thought through, and will stand us in good stead to meet the challenges of the next 5 years.

Building on our strategy set out in 2016 we have sharpened our focus on 3 key priorities:

  • Ensuring a deep understanding of what is important to our current and future members
  • Supporting IFoA actuaries in adapting to change in existing sectors as well as moving into wider fields, specifically through a focus on developing skills and sectoral participation
  • Strengthening partnerships with a variety of stakeholders to enhance the reputation and influence of the profession worldwide.

Read more about our plans for the next 5 years in the IFoA Strategy 2020–2024 (PDF, 280 KB)

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