Qualification handbook

The IFoA qualification handbook, previously the ‘student handbook’, is an essential document for all our members working towards qualification.


This handbook provides you with the information you need to plan your route to qualification as an Associate or Fellow of the IFoA. It brings together important information, guidance and support.

It is published in September each year, in line with the publication of the new Student and Associate terms and conditions. If we make any significant revisions to an edition, we will notify you. We wish you a successful and enjoyable experience as you study and qualify with the IFoA.

IFoA qualification handbook 2023-2024

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What the guide covers

The handbook includes important information and guidance on:

  • Requirements for qualifying as an IFoA Associate or Fellow
  • Requirements for our personal and professional development and professionalism courses
  • Guidance on preparing for your exams including how to book them
  • Overview of our regulations, policies and procedures to be aware of as you study
  • Overview of the range of support and resources available to you when you join the IFoA


Related documents

The Qualification Handbook sits alongside regulations and guidance relating to our exams. These include our:

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