IFoA Buddy System

The Buddy System is a global network of IFoA members, who are happy to offer informal, confidential support to other members. What could you gain from talking one-to-one with an experienced actuary in your field?

Who are Buddies?

Buddies are qualified members who have added their names to the Buddy list because they are keen to hear from and offer support to peers across the profession. They are committed to keeping conversations completely confidential, so system users can speak freely.

Buddies are open to discussing any work-related issues, from actuarial methodologies and practices to managing up, from seeking promotion to dealing with work pressure.

The Buddy System is a member benefit open to all members, Students, as well as qualified. And, as well as being a source of advice from more experienced actuaries, it is also open to queries from experienced actuaries who are seeking new perspectives or peer support.

How it works

Firstly, log in to the website via My Account, then perform the following steps:

  1. access the list of volunteer Buddies (exclusive for IFoA Members)
  2. choose a Buddy
  3. mail your Buddy directly.

Do contact the Engagement Team if you do not hear from your chosen Buddy, or if you have any questions about the Buddy System. 

We actively encourage feedback about your experience with the Buddy System. Feedback is confidential, but will help to improve this service. Please contact the Engagement Team to find out more.

The Buddy System is for member-to-member support and the contact details of Buddies are provided solely for this purpose.

We recommend that you do not contact Buddies from within the same organisation as yourself, and we ask that you do not contact multiple Buddies concurrently or use these details for the promotion or marketing of your services or those of other individuals or firms.

The service is entirely free for you and is based on members volunteering to provide this support. Any views expressed or advice, recommendations, or guidance given by members via this service are not reviewed or endorsed by the IFoA. 

"The Buddy System is an excellent way to have an impartial, informed chat with an experienced actuary about any issues you may face as you make your way through your career.

I look forward to helping many actuaries and future actuaries as they move through this great profession of ours."

Tim Jordan, IFoA Member

How to become a Buddy

If you are a qualified member and interested in adding your name and contact details to the Buddy list, please contact the Engagement Team.

Your details will be accessible by all members of the IFoA and you will be committed to responding to requests that you receive and to treating discussions as confidential.

The IFoA will contact you quarterly to see how much engagement you have had and to see if we can offer you support in any way.

We are keen to hear from qualified members from around the globe.

If you volunteer to become a Buddy you can, of course, step down at any time. Please contact us as soon as possible if you find yourself in this situation, and we will remove your name from the list (even on a temporary basis).


This service is facilitated by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). Other than facilitating this informal support and discussion amongst members, the IFoA plays no role in how the service operates, i.e. the IFoA does not oversee how, where and when members meet and does not monitor and/or endorse the advice, guidance or recommendations that may be given by any member, or the processes or procedures that any member suggests. Nor is the IFoA responsible for the availability of, or follow up by, members to members.

The IFoA accept no liability (to the fullest extent permitted by law) for any loss, damage, or inconvenience arising as a result of a member’s use of this service. The IFoA reserves the right at its sole discretion to exclude members from using this service if the IFoA considers that a member’s use is not in keeping with the purpose for which the service is provided. The Buddy System is for member-to-member support and the contact details of Buddies are provided solely for this purpose. Please do not use these for the promotion or marketing of your services or those of other individuals or firms.

July 2022