Diversity, equity, and inclusion

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As a global professional body with more than 32,000 members in over 100 different countries, we recognise, value, and embrace the importance of diversity.

We are the voice of our members and the profession in a rapidly changing world. We take bold positions on the big issues of the day and those of real consequence. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is one of them.

On this page you can read our 5-year strategy and explore our DEI news, data, and reports.

Our commitment

We are committed to championing and embodying the benefits of a globally diverse and inclusive profession, delivering lasting and ongoing cultural change. We drive this forward by working with the member-led Diversity Action Group, our internal DEI colleague group, partners, employers, and our global membership.

This allows us to listen to and learn from individuals and groups. It enables us to focus on delivering targeted initiatives, and support, to make a difference.

All employees and members are welcome to be part of their respective groups and are encouraged to join the conversation. Collaboration is central to our approach and at the heart of our decision making.

Our DEI strategy

Our DEI strategy

Leadership and culture, entry into the profession, actuarial work, and how we support our members.

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Recent activity
Tackling the gender pensions gap – the road to financial equality in retirement

Tackling the gender pensions gap – the road to financial equality in retirement

Author: NOW: Pensions. PDF, 5.54 MB
Read issue 3
Much to GAIN – valuing neurodiversity in the workplace

Much to GAIN – valuing neurodiversity in the workplace

Author: Dr Vina Theodorakopoulou. PDF, 8.22 MB
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FRC gender imbalance research

FRC gender imbalance research

Our statement on the Financial Reporting Council’s research on gender imbalance among UK qualified actuaries.

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IFoA responds to FCA and PRA D&I consultations

IFoA responds to FCA and PRA D&I consultations

10 January 24
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Guided by our members

Our members play a vital role in the growth of a globally diverse and inclusive profession. We are committed to ensuring that a diverse range of views and voices are amplified in the delivery of our strategy activities.

Diversity Action Group

Our work on diversity is supported by the Diversity Action Group, comprised of volunteer IFoA members.

“Our ambition is high, and we are seeking to be bold – not least because the breadth of what we are looking to deliver covers not just representation, accessibility, interaction with employers and partners, and leadership, but also the work of actuaries.

“This is rightly going to be contentious, and I am looking forward to having the discussions with as many members as possible to establish what we can and must do to lean into the challenges.”

– Chika Aghadiuno, Chair of the DAG managing committee

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Actuarial Mentoring Programme

The Actuarial Mentoring Programme is a global cross-company mentoring initiative delivered by Moving Ahead. It is designed to improve diversity within the actuarial profession.

The programme was initially created with the primary goal of retaining female actuaries in the profession by offering continuous career advice and development. Since then it has evolved to embrace a broader objective of fostering a culture of inclusion within the actuarial profession.

Launched in 2017 with the support of the IFoA and sponsorship from Pension Insurance Corporation plc, we are proud to support the initiative’s ongoing development.

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“Our ambition is high, and we are seeking to be bold” – Chika Aghadiuno, Chair of the Diversity Action Group managing committee

Data and reports

As part of our DEI strategy, we are committed to publishing DEI demographic data for our key boards, and working to improve and expand the data we hold for our membership overall. Our most recent reports and data include the below.


Gender pay gap report

All our gender pay gap reports from when we first reported on the IFoA gender pay gap in 2019.
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Diversity monitoring report 2021

Reporting on the diversity of the profession. PDF, 820 KB

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Diversity of the IFoA’s volunteers

Volunteer survey analysis. PDF, 1 MB
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Blogs, articles, and podcasts
As diverse as the profession we represent

As diverse as the profession we represent

IFoA Chief Executive Stephen Mann reflects on the importance of embracing and respecting diversity.

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The value of neurodiversity to financial services

The value of neurodiversity to financial services

Actuary and neurodiversity consultant, Alicja Nocon, blogs on attracting and retaining neurodiverse talent.

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DEI blogs

DEI blogs

Insights and reflections on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Diversity and inclusion: Change for the better

Stephen Mann outlines some of the things the IFoA is doing to further its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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The IFoA and its members have long had a deep and abiding belief in diversity, equity, and inclusion, rooted in our commitment to act in the public interest and for the good of society. Embracing diversity of thought and perspective is essential to the role of an actuary. – IFoA DEI strategy

Working with partners

We recognise the value and importance of working with other organisations and professional bodies to support, learn, and develop best practice. Find out more about some of the key organisations we work with, and how they may be able to support you, below.

Progress Together

Launched in 2022, Progress Together focuses on socio-economic diversity at senior levels, helping its members to progress and retain a socio-economically diverse workforce through workshops, resources, mentoring, and benchmarking. The membership body was launched following the conclusion of a 2-year, government-commissioned taskforce led by the City of London Corporation, which aimed to improve socio-economic diversity at senior levels in UK financial and professional services.

Progress Together’s latest report revealed that socio-economic background is more likely to affect career progression than gender or ethnicity. See: Shaping our Economy’ data report launch

Find out more about the City of London taskforce, including the:

Learn more about Progress Together


GAIN (Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity) is an industry-wide initiative, committed to championing neurodiversity in the insurance, investment, and related financial services industry.

Read more about GAIN

Diversity Project

The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative championing a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive UK investment and savings industry.

Find out more about Diversity Project

“We are embracing a progressive DEI strategy that considers our varied stakeholders as it is the right thing to do.” – Marjorie Ngwenya, IFoA President 2018 to 2019

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