Exam developments

As we adopt more modern and digital methods of assessment, we’ll update this page with all the information and resources you’ll need


We are working to deliver more modern and digital methods of assessment that you have said are important to you.

As part of this, we will introduce a new exam system to enhance our online examination service and are developing objective based assessments (OBAs).

You can find information and resources for these changes and what this means for you on this page.

New exam system

We remain committed to delivering a modern digital-first exam system with security and integrity at its heart. However, we will unfortunately not be introducing a new exam system in 2024.

We understand this may be disappointing, but it is absolutely essential that any new system meets the high standards our candidates expect and deserve.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our test exams in 2023. Feedback shared by candidates who took part has helped us to reevaluate our exam delivery needs for the future.

We will provide updates on our progress and clarity on timelines for the introduction of a new exam system at the earliest possible opportunity. In the meantime, we are exploring options to enhance security measures for our current exam system.


Objective based assessments

We would like to thank everyone who tested our business finance and business economics objective based assessments (OBAs). Your feedback and exam results have been used to refine the design and assure the quality of this new form of assessment.

To ensure candidates and employers can plan for future IFoA exams, we can confirm all IFoA exams will be delivered on our current platform in their established format in September 2024.

This means the delivery of our CB1 and CB2 exams will be in their current format rather than OBA format in September 2024.

We expect this will remain the case for both sessions in 2025. But if there is any opportunity to introduce a new exam system and launch our OBA format exams in 2025, we will do so.

We will continue work on preparing exams in OBA format, so we are ready to launch OBA exams when we launch a new exam system.

We already have Business Finance and Business Economics (CB1 and CB2) exams prepared in OBA format. We are working on developing more OBA format exams for subjects that work well in this style of assessment.

To support you sitting this style of exam, we also have OBA study tips


Future exam security measures

We understand how important exam security is important to candidates and employers.

Therefore, we have taken the decision to focus on enhancing our exam security by introducing remote invigilation software and identity verification to the current IFoA exam system at the earliest possible opportunity.

These changes will mean that candidates will need to produce documentation that confirms their identity, and have their identity and exam room checked, before accessing their exam paper. Candidates will also be monitored through their web camera for the duration of the exam.

We aim to introduce these enhanced exam security measures for our 2025 exam sessions. However, if there is opportunity to introduce these measures earlier, we will do so, while ensuring candidates have enough time to prepare and adjust to these changes.

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