Council is the governing body of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). It exercises governance and control over the IFoA and its affairs. Representative and accountable to the IFoA’s members, Council demonstrates leadership and drives the mission, vision and values of the IFoA by setting its strategic direction.

Established under our Royal Charter, Council both reserves to itself and delegates to the Management Board, our Boards, and Committees, and the Chief Executive certain powers.

The role, responsibilities, and procedural rules applying to the business of Council – and the powers which it delegates to others – are set out in the IFoA’s Constitution.

Download our Royal Charter (741 KB PDF)

The approved minutes for past Council meetings can be found below. James Harrigan is the Secretary to Council.

View a full list of your current Council members.

Members of the IFoA are encouraged to contact the Council with any views, comments, or questions

You can do this by emailing our governance team at Emails will, in the first instance, be read by all or a combination of the President of the IFoA, the Chief Executive, General Counsel, and the Corporate Secretary, and the queries will be routed appropriately.

Please note: emails sent to this address raising matters that are more appropriately dealt with via our independent disciplinary process or through litigation, or which have already exhausted such avenues and are considered closed by the IFoA, will not be shared with Council members. Council is routinely kept informed as appropriate of any litigation-related matters involving the IFoA.

Latest news from Council

The latest news from your Council is published in The Actuary following each Council meeting.


Approved minutes for past Council meetings