Council members

Council is led by a Presidential Team made up of the President, the President-elect, and the Immediate Past President. The President is the Chair of Council. Its members are elected by the Fellows, Honorary Fellows, and Associates of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).

Council has 30 elected seats, divided into 2 constituencies: the General and Scottish constituencies.

Members of the IFoA belong only to one constituency. 

The number of Council members representing the 2 constituencies is set in accordance with Bye-law 21 of the IFoA’s constitution. At present, there are 24 and 6 seats representing the General and Scottish constituencies respectively (with one of the Scottish constituency seats currently lying vacant).  

Council may also co-opt up to 3 additional members, as prescribed in the IFoA’s Regulations, to cover particular circumstances. Paul Sweeting, the President-elect, was co-opted onto Council from the date of the 2024 AGM in accordance with Regulation 4.

Elected members of Council will normally serve a 3-year term, after which they will be required to stand down. A member of Council may stand for re-election but may only serve a maximum of 2 consecutive terms before being required to retire for at least a year.

More information on standing for election to Council, voting in Council elections, and the relevance and implications of the 2 constituencies, can be found in this Q&A document (PDF, 70 KB).


2024-2025 sessional year

The members of Council for the 2024-2025 sessional year are:

Nico Aspinall

Akshay Dhand

Matthew Ford

Dermot Grenham *

Catherine Lyn

Mukami Njeru

Alan Rae *

Kalpana Shah

Paul Sweeting

Sandy Trust *

Masimba Zata


* Member of the Scottish constituency 

Oliver Bettis

Matthew Edwards

Richard Galbraith

Simon Jones *

Hugh McNeill

Matthew Pearlman

Hilary Salt

Malcolm Slee

Kartina Tahir Thomson

Mark Williams

Cherry Chan

Colm Fitzgerald

Riekie Gordon

Yan Liu *

Janet Moss

Melanie Puri *

David Shaffer

Katie Sokolowski

Peter Tompkins

Cynthia Yuan