Practising Certificates Committee

The Practising Certificates Committee (PCC) is responsible for considering practising certificate (PC) applications and administering the PC Scheme.

The overall purpose of the PCC is to:

  • consider and advise the Regulation Board on matters in relation to practising certificates
  • implement agreed measures arising from any review of the PC Scheme
  • administer and communicate the PC Scheme according to its objectives

The full responsibilities of the PCC are set out in the terms of reference (PDF, 75 KB).

PCC members

PCC members include volunteer members from the relevant practice areas relating to the different types of practising certificates. Members of the PCC are set out below organised by the panel(s) that they represent.


Karen Butroid FIA

Lay member

Sue Lewis

Pensions panel                                                     

  • Mofozul Ali FIA                                                   
  • Chris Green FIA                                                     
  • Paul Hubbold FIA                                                   
  • George Pumffrey FIA                                             
  • Mike Shimwell FIA                                                 
  • Edwin Sheaf FIA     
  • Elaine Stevenson FFA 
  • Iain Turri FIA       

Lloyd’s panel

  • Veekash Badal FIA
  • Ben Gilman FIA
  • Alex Lee FIA
  • Stewart Mitchell FIA
  • Parth Patel FIA
  • Mirjam Spies FIA

Life panel   

  • Iain Baker FFA
  • Andrew JM Chamberlain FIA
  • James Crispin FFA
  • William T Diffey FIA
  • Kathleen Favell FIA

Non-life panel

  • Veekash Badal FIA
  • Iain Baker FFA
  • Ian Burningham FIA
  • Ben Gilman FIA
  • Parth Patel FIA
  • Peter Tavner FIA

CDC panel

  • Simon Eagle FIA
  • Chintan Gandhi FIA


  • Alita Bigwood, Secretary to the PCC
  • Stephanie Millar, Practising Certificates Executive
  • Stephanie McGowan, Senior Regulatory Manager

Contacting the secretary

The membership of the PCC has been disclosed for information and transparency purposes only. For any PC queries, members should contact the Secretary of the PCC at We ask members to please not approach individual members of the PCC. This is important for the impartiality of the PCC and to maintain our Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Meeting information

The PCC meets twice per year, with the latest meeting being held on 21 September 2022. The agenda and minutes from previous meetings can be found below. Minutes are redacted as and when the PCC considers it appropriate to do so.

PCC annual report

The PCC produces a report to members annually and PC applicants are encouraged to read the reports before submitting an application.