Impact Report

We are the voice of actuaries, committed to advocating for you, our members, across financial services and the wider world.

Our goal is to demonstrate the unique value that the profession brings to successful business outcomes. We want governments and policymakers to have a greater understanding of  actuarial expertise and experience,  and of your value in solving the major problems our societies’ face.

The past year could not have been a more powerful exemplar of that need.

The pandemic changed the world almost overnight, upending business models and societies globally while transforming the ways in which we all live, work and interact.

We are on a path to rethink, reset and refocus on supporting the profession to maximise its impact, ensuring the vital skills actuaries bring are understood, appreciated and utilised in the public interest.

Read our first-ever Impact Report now, and find out more about how actuaries helped us understand Covid-19, contributed to key debates and engaged with policymakers. 

Impact Report

Read our first ever impact report now

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