Exam Exemptions

Exam exemptions

The IFoA offers recognition of prior learning for IFoA members who have completed a qualification that is equivalent to our examinations (IFoA examination exemptions).

Who can apply for IFoA examination exemptions?

You can apply for IFoA exam exemptions if you are an IFoA student or Associate and have (one of the following):

  • completed an IFoA accredited university course or module
  • hold a recognised qualification with another professional body

You may also be eligible for IFoA examination exemptions if you have a maths-based qualification from a non-IFoA accredited university, MBA, or Master Level thesis. Details can be found on the web pages below.

The IFoA does not confirm eligibility of exemptions until an application is received. Once an application is reviewed, and eligibility is confirmed, you will be contacted for payment. If an application is unsuccessful, the IFoA will not charge for any rejected exemptions. There is no right to appeal for exemptions that the IFoA deem to be unsuccessful.

Previous Curriculum Exemptions

If you are eligible for IFoA examination exemptions under the previous curriculum, you can apply for IFoA examination exemptions against the new curriculum, which came into effect from 1 January 2019.

Students and Associates who are eligible for exemptions from our accredited Universities and Professional Bodies have until 31 December 2023 to apply.

The IFoA no longer accepts exam passes from other actuarial associations as of 1 January 2023. For individuals wishing to join the IFoA, please see details on our transfer of prior learning page.

Exemption Directory

Current members and future members of the IFoA can view the awarding bodies the IFoA recognises prior learning on our exemption web pages below. For more details on the available exemptions from our accredited University courses, Professional bodies, and other Actuarial Associations, please see the exemption directory.

How do I apply for IFoA examination exemptions?

You can apply for IFoA examination exemptions through more than one of the routes listed below. If you are applying for IFoA examination exemptions through more than one route, you will need to complete a separate application for each route.

Select the relevant exemption route from the list below to find out how to apply for exemptions from IFoA examinations.

You will need to submit an IFoA examination exemption application for us to confirm whether you are eligible for IFoA examination exemptions.


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