UK Practice Modules

The UK Practice Modules are designed to provide candidates with the opportunity to contemplate real-life issues they may encounter as a practising certificate holder.

New format

The format of the practice modules is moving from online multiple-choice-based exams to facilitated online workshops based around relevant case studies. Practice module candidates will be required to attend an online workshop relevant to their particular practice area. The workshops will be facilitated by current practising certificate holders and education actuaries from the IFoA.

On this page you can find:

Practising certificate categories

The revised practice module core reading and online workshops will be available for:

  • Pension Scheme Actuary
  • Chief Actuary – Life
  • Chief Actuary – Non-Life
  • Chief Actuary – Non-Life: Lloyd’s
  • Lloyd’s Syndicate Actuary
  • With-Profits Actuary

Workshop dates: 2023

All workshops are held online, 09:30 to 12:30 UK time.

The case study will be made available to delegates 2 working days before the workshop is due to start.

If you do not see a workshop for your chosen practising certificate, please contact us at

With-Profits Actuary

We are holding workshops on:

  • 10 August – booking closes 27 July
  • 30 October – booking closes 16 October

Lloyd’s Syndicate Actuary

We are holding workshops on:

  • 14 September – booking closes 31 August

Chief Actuary – Life

We are holding workshops on:

  • 27 July – booking closes 13 July
  • 21 August – booking closes 7 August
  • 26 September – booking closes 12 September
  • 19 October – booking closes 5 October

Pension Scheme Actuary

We are holding workshops on:

  • 25 July – booking closes 11 July
  • 25 August – booking closes 11 August
  • 20 September – booking closes 6 September
  • 18 October – booking closes 4 October

Chief Actuary – Non-Life

We are holding workshops on:

  • 5 September – booking closes 22 August
  • 10 October – booking closes 26 September

Chief Actuary – Non-Life: Lloyd’s

We are holding workshops on:

  • 3 October – booking closes 19 September

Booking information

You can book your place through the members’ area. Or you can get in touch at Our Member Services team will be happy to help.


Please note only Fellows of the IFoA are eligible to attend these workshops.

Cost of attendance

£145 for eligible members.

Fully booked workshops

If a workshop you would like to attend is fully booked, you can register your interest in attending a future workshop at We will let you know when new dates become available.

Current format (multiple choice exam)

This will remain available until the facilitated workshops have started. Please continue to use the old core reading if you wish to sit the multiple choice exam prior to the workshops becoming available.

If you have any queries about the current format, please contact our Education Partnerships and Lifelong Learning Team at

Supporting us at the workshops

If you are a current (or recent) practice certificate holder and would be interested in facilitating a workshop, please get in touch.

Find out more at UK Practice Module Facilitator.


The workshop format is a facilitated, online, group discussion based on a case study.

We expect each workshop to last about 2 to 3 hours and have a maximum of 10 candidates taking part.

Before the workshop

The case study will be made available to delegates one working day before the workshop is due to start.

Delegates will be expected to review and consider the case study ahead of the workshop. But they will NOT be required to provide submissions ahead of the workshop (please note this is a change to the previous communication).

During the workshop

During the workshop delegates will be given the opportunity to discuss the case study. They will be asked to provide their assessment of the scenario and how they would deal with the scenario they are presented with.

Individuals are expected to:

  • demonstrate qualities in line with the competency framework for the PC role
  • demonstrate a good understanding of the current market and regulatory environment in their chosen specialism, drawing where necessary on the learning resources provided

To demonstrate competency at the workshop, individuals will be expected to:

  • engage with both facilitators and others attending the workshop
  • demonstrate their own understanding of the scenario, as well as contributing to the group discussion
  • demonstrate an ability to challenge, and respond to challenge, during the discussion

Delegates can expect to be asked individual questions from the facilitators arising from the group discussions taking place on the day.

After the workshop

Following the workshop, delegates will be informed of the outcome via email.

See Chief actuary case study for life practice modules (80 KB PDF)

Please note, this case study is for illustration only. It indicates the general format and style that all the case studies for all the practice modules will have.

The details for each case study will be appropriate to the practice module the candidate is taking.

We expect the normal range will be from 2 to a maximum of 10, depending on demand and availability of facilitators.

This depends on the availability of volunteers from the profession in the relevant areas.

You would book your place through the members’ area of the IFoA website. The member services team will be happy to help if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

No, this is not required during the transitional period under which a pass in the multiple choice exam remains valid until 31 May 2024. If a PC is not obtained by the candidate before the transitional period expires, then attendance at a workshop within the 2 years prior to applying for a PC will be required.

See PC Scheme transitional arrangements (66 KB PDF)

18 months from 1 December 2022.

We anticipate that around 4 hours preparation will be required and half a day set aside for attendance.

At this point in time we are working on preparing online workshops, but we have not excluded the possibility of in person workshops in the future.

This is possible, but again depends on demand as candidates seeking to obtain a PC for the first time would take precedent. Helping to facilitate the workshop could offer a development opportunity for existing PC holders.

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