Membership FAQs

Frequently asked membership questions are answered below:

This depends on your enquiry type, please see our typical response times below. If you need to speak to us we are contactable on +44(0)131 240 1325

We are experiencing extremely high volumes of calls and enquiries at this time. Please bear with us and we will respond as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.

Enquiry type Response time
Email acknowledged or answered 10 working days
Exam bookings 1 week
OPAT, UKPM, PSC, CERA (manual applications) 2 weeks
Resignations 3 weeks
Reinstatements 3 weeks
CPD non-practising applications 3 weeks
Student admissions 3 weeks
Change of subscription rate 3 weeks
Transfer to Fellow, Associate, or CAA  5 weeks
Affiliate admission 3 weeks
Reduced rate applications 3 weeks
Dual membership applications 3 weeks
Mutual recognition applications 8 weeks
Individual qualification recognition applications 8 weeks
PPD sign-off 7 weeks
Exam exemptions 7 weeks
Exam counselling 1 week
Transfer of prior learning 8 weeks
Reference or verification of membership requests 4 weeks

If you do not pay the subscription fees within one month following your transfer to Associate/Fellow, your transfer will not be complete. Your membership status will then revert back to Student/Associate. 

Upon transferring to Associate/Fellow, you will be required to pay the Associate/Fellow subscription fee minus any subscription fees that you have already paid during your year of transfer.

If you are no longer eligible for a reduced rate subscription, please let the Member Services Team know. We will then update your record to full rate and you will be required to pay the remaining subscription balance. 

Yes. When you apply online, you will also need to upload evidence of your eligibility for the relevant reduced rate membership.

Evidence can include (one of the below):

  • an annual income tax statement showing your annual income (for example, a P60 statement for UK tax payers)
  • a letter from your employer stating your annual salary
  • your last 3 months’ pay slips

If you are not in receipt of any income, we can accept a letter from your sponsor, parents, or partner to confirm their financial support.

Yes. To better support members on lower incomes and ensure fairness in our reduced rate subscription eligibility, we have raised the threshold for our lower reduced rate and introduced a mid-tier reduced rate.

All members earning £8,300 a year or less during the subscription year will be eligible to apply for the lower reduced rate subscription.

All Fellows and Associates earning between £8,301 and £25,999 during the subscription year will now be eligible to apply for the mid-tier reduced rate subscription.

Membership subscription fees become due annually on 1 October. However, as we are making important upgrades to the members’ area of the website, there will be a delay in issuing the renewal notices for 2023 to 2024. We plan to issue your membership subscription renewal notice by email in the coming weeks. You will then be able to renew your membership for 2023 to 2024 online in the new member portal.

You should first contact the Member Services Team at They will provide you with a reinstatement form for your completion. You can reinstate your membership at any time during the subscription year. Lapsed students who want to apply for exams should ensure that they apply for reinstatement 3 weeks before exam closing dates. Please refer to the reinstatement guide.

If a member no longer requires their membership, they should contact the Member Services team at to inform of their intent and reason for resignation. Please note that the IFoA do not provide refunds if a member choses to resign before the end of the current subscription year.

When renewing your membership in the new member portal, you will now have the option to choose a section of the IAA or SIAS if you wish to subscribe.

You should pay the Student subscription fee at the outset. When you have been transferred to Fellow, you will be contacted by the Member Services team who will advise you of the balance of fees due upon your transfer.

For full details, download the IFoA Membership Complaints Policy.


Subscription Policy

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Membership subscriptions: 1 October 2023

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Information about IFoA subscriptions including the cost to join the IFoA and ways to pay.

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If you have any questions about membership please email us or call us on +44 (0) 131 240 1325. Response times can be found in our membership FAQs.

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