Choosing the right avenue for your complaint

The IFoA is committed to a culture of openness and transparency. This enables anyone who has dealings with us to speak up and raise genuine concerns about an IFoA incident, event, service or behaviour, without fear of adverse consequence.

When things go wrong, we want to hear about it so that we can recognise, acknowledge and correct any errors straight away.

If your concern is about:

Membership complaints

If you are unsatisfied with the level of service you have received from the IFoA, please refer to our Membership Complaints Policy (90 KB PDF).

We would encourage you to contact the IFoA service or team responsible in the first instance, as an informal complaint. We strive to resolve informal complaints in 5 working days.

If you feel the response or level of service you have received following the informal complaint route is inadequate, you are welcome to raise a formal complaint. Please contact providing as much information as possible, including any supporting evidence or documentation, to allow us to investigate. Investigations usually take around 30 days, but will vary depending on the nature of your complaint.

Putting things right

Our Putting Things Right Policy is for anyone who has already raised a complaint through an informal and then formal route (under our Membership Complaints Policy). If you feel your complaint has not been resolved and your complaint is primarily about the standards of service at the IFoA, you can raise a further complaint though our Putting Things Right Policy (444 KB PDF).

Please note that our putting things right process does not review substantive evidence where a decision-making process has been followed. You can find a full list of the evidence that is reviewed by our putting things right process in our Putting Things Right Policy.

To raise a complaint through our putting things right process, please contact

Our putting things right process runs entirely separately from the IFoA disciplinary scheme.

Assessment appeal

If you would like to appeal your IFoA examination result, you can do so using our assessment appeal process.

You can find information on how to make an assessment appeal in our Assessment Appeal Policy and Procedure (158 KB PDF).

The IFoA disciplinary process

If you are considering making a complaint about the professional conduct of a member of the IFoA you should use the IFoA disciplinary process.

You can find out more by:

If you are making a complaint through our disciplinary process, please use our member allegation form (1.95 MB Word doc). This will ensure that we have of the information we need to progress your complaint.

Speaking up

If you have concerns about any other IFoA issues (for example, behaviour of a member of the IFoA executive, a board or committee member, or another volunteer or office holder), you should make a complaint under our Speaking Up Policy. You can read more in our Speaking Up Policy (204 KB PDF).

You can download and complete the accompanying speaking up form (22 KB Word doc). Then please email it to


In addition, the IFoA aims to provide a high level of service to all users. However, the IFoA has a duty of care to its employees and needs to ensure that the ability of employees and volunteers to carry out their roles is not adversely affected by unacceptable actions or behaviours of individuals. In the very few occasions where actions or behaviour are considered unacceptable, the IFoA has a policy to manage such behaviour and actions. Find out more in our Managing unacceptable behaviour and actions policy (114 KB PDF).