Actuarial Profession Standard (APS) X2

Here you can find materials to help support your compliance with APS X2

work review

APS X2 applies to all members of the IFoA

APS X2 imposes requirements in relation to Work Review and Independent Peer Review. If you are an IFoA member it applies to you, regardless of:

  • your practice area;
  • the location at which you are based;
  • the geographic scope of your work; or
  • whether you are subject to partial or full regulation by the IFoA.

APS X2 came into force on 1 July 2015 and is accompanied by guidance on the new APS and on the transition from the now withdrawn APS P2.

Post Implementation Review

Throughout 2017 and 2018 the IFoA undertook a post implementation review of APS X2, looking at how the standard is working in practice and whether it is effective and achieving its objectives. Overall the review found that APS is understood, and being utilised and implemented appropriately. You can also read more about the conclusions of the post implementation review.

As part of the review the IFoA has developed some additional case studies, vignettes and a short quiz to help deepen members' understanding of the requirements of APS X2. The full suite of APS X2 guidance and educational materials can be found below

Guidance and Educational Materials

APS Resources


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Guidance review of Actuarial Work

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APS X2 Quiz

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APS X2 Case Studies

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