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Support your actuaries

For all the key information on membership subscriptions, exams, learning and development, and IFoA standards, see support your actuaries.


IFoA actuaries work in 120 countries, covering diverse sectors like health, sustainability, finance, and more. Our actuaries break new ground in areas like data science and analytics, making an impact on policymaking and shaping regulations.

As the only Royal Chartered actuarial professional body, with over 170 years of experience, the IFoA is a global body with a strong UK heritage.

Our global network connects organisations with top talent and regional market specialists across China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the UK, and Europe. We work with regulators, governments, employers, recruiters, and universities to shape the future of the profession.

Working with hundreds of employers, we nurture talent, foster growth, and provide tailored programs and cutting-edge resources. The IFoA has the tools and opportunities that add value to your business.

As an employer, you might be looking to uphold the high standards of the actuarial profession. You may want to develop and share best practice and network with your peers, grow your global influence, or break new ground in your industry. You could be aiming to attract and retain talent or ensure you have the right information at the right time to support your actuaries. Whatever your needs, we are your partners for success.

To partner with us and build the future of actuarial work, email us at employers@actuaries.org.uk.

The demand for actuaries and actuarial analysts is on the rise as organisations seek to model and plan for the future.

Latest activity
‘Future Actuary Undergraduate of the Year Award’ winner

‘Future Actuary Undergraduate of the Year Award’ winner

Introducing Moyo Oyebanji, winner of this year’s Future Actuary Undergraduate of the Year Award.
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A more inclusive and diverse profession

A more inclusive and diverse profession

Our report on a successful employer roundtable, marking the launch of the IFoA DEI Employer Network.
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Launch of IFoA actuarial careers showcase

Launch of IFoA actuarial careers showcase

We celebrate the launch of our first student actuarial careers showcase, More than Just Maths.
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Why hire an actuary: a strategic advantage in an uncertain world

In a world of rapid change and uncertainty, businesses and governments rely on actuaries as problem solvers and strategic thinkers. Actuaries combine technical skills with professional acumen to navigate ever evolving landscapes and guard against the impacts of future uncertainty.

The demand for actuaries and actuarial analysts is on the rise as organisations seek to model and plan for the future. Our members are leaders in insurance, pensions, investment, capital and organisational risk, data analytics, and sustainability. They work for leading banks, governments, financial institutions, and in fintech.

Actuaries possess a unique skill set, blending mathematics, analytics, communication, and management. They create social impact, shape strategic decisions, and influence legislation, making a tangible difference in people’s lives. Actuaries add value and grow your business while guarding against the impacts of future uncertainty.

Attract talent

Stand out, attract top talent, and demonstrate your commitment to diversity. To find out how we can work together to attract talent, contact us now at employers@actuaries.org.uk.


Are you ready to take your company’s recruitment efforts to the next level? Join us at our annual actuarial careers showcase at the IFoA Conference. At this event employers have the unique opportunity to connect with over 100 highly talented first- and second-year university students. This is the ultimate platform to showcase your organisation and make a lasting impression on the future generation of actuaries.

If you are interested in participating in a showcase event in your country or region, please get in touch.

Our award-winning annual event Count Me In is a celebration of diversity within the actuarial profession. We believe in empowering bright young mathematics students from historically unrepresented backgrounds to pursue their dreams of becoming actuaries. By participating in our showcase, you’re not only expanding your talent pool but also actively contributing to a more inclusive and equitable industry.

Through the IFoA Foundation we have:

  • awarded 84 education hardship grants to help disadvantaged aspiring actuaries
  • empowered 40 students to study through the Actuarial Academy of East Africa e-learning platform pilot
  • created 10 places for recent graduates in the Actuarial Mentoring Programme

To learn more, see IFoA Foundation.

Our university accreditation programme and strategic partnerships with non-accredited universities ensure a continuous pipeline of top-tier talent for your business. Together we can create a bright future for the actuarial profession. To find out more about the programme, see university courses with exemptions.

Develop your employees

We ensure our employer partners remain at the top of their game with the best actuarial talent. Our continuing professional development (CPD) scheme, industry insights, lifelong learning, and volunteering opportunities all contribute to individual professional development.

Personal and professional development is a practical work experience component of the IFoA qualification. It’s required of all students on the path to becoming either an Associate or a Fellow.

To find out more, email us at employers@actuaries.org.uk

Some 4,700 IFoA members, from all stages of their career and across the globe, volunteer on working parties, committees, and practice boards. They each bring different skills, talents, and abilities.

In turn, as your employees, they bring wider insights to your organisation as their knowledge and networks grow.

We have made it easy for our members to complete their IFoA CPD. They gain real professional benefit from the exercise, which includes a reflective practice discussion.

If you are a Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) accredited organisation, your employees are eligible to opt into the outcomes-focused QAS CPD scheme. They are also exempt from any additional CPD requirements applying under the IFoA’s Practising Certificate Scheme.

Our events provide opportunities for members to enhance their knowledge and skills. Explore our events calendar.

The IFoA can provide you with the business insights and key information about the profession. In 2022 we launched a survey on study support packages provided by employers. See the report on our 2022 to 2023 IFoA study support survey (PDF, 560 KB).

In 2023 we are focusing on the skills your business needs from IFoA actuaries. To find out more, email us at employers@actuaries.org.uk.

Grow your influence

Our work to inform policy debates in the public interest and to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry can help grow your influence.

To explore how the IFoA can support you in growing your influence and advancing your organisation's goals, get in touch today at employers@actuaries.org.uk


The IFoA is an international, multicultural membership organisation. We recognise, value, and embrace the benefits of diversity.

We are here to listen and learn from our members and from employers. We seek a 2-way collaboration that allows us to gain insight, feedback, and suggestions. This means we are looking for examples of best practices carried out by employers to promote them to other organisations.

Read more in the IFoA DEI strategy.

DEI employer network

Engage in insightful discussions, exchange ideas, stay up to date with the latest industry trends and gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives. The network is designed to connect DEI professionals and employees who have DEI responsibilities. It facilitates conversations and provides a space for sharing profession-specific trends, challenges, and best practice.

Join our DEI employer network

The IFoA is at the forefront of informing policy debates in the public interest. With our diverse membership working across various industries and sectors, we tackle pressing public policy issues including:

  • sustainability
  • future of insurance
  • 100 year life
  • great risk transfer
  • poverty premium
  • savings goals for retirement

In 2021, our thought leadership program captivated a global audience with 52 live events and 9,500 attendees from over 90 countries. This platform brings together experts, thought leaders, academics, economists, politicians, regulators, and business leaders to share insights and shape the future.

You can get involved through sponsorship or active participation. Join us as we drive policy discussions and make a lasting impact on society.

Learn more about sponsorship on our sponsorship and exhibition opportunities page.

Expand your networks

Showcase your brand as a participant, speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor. Join a global actuarial community with IFoA. Contact us to discuss upcoming opportunities and joint initiatives. We can also connect you with the right people and organisations to help your business grow. Email now us at at employers@actuaries.org.uk.


You can reach actuaries and network with other organisations in your industry by partnering with us on IFoA conferences, regional events, research sessionals, and webinars.

In 2022, a record 997 people attended our GIRO Conference, which delivered a programme of 5 plenaries and 49 workshops delivered by 105 speakers. 49 organisations took advantage of group discounts.

In 2023, there are opportunities to speak at the IFoA Asia Conference, GIRO Conference, and Life Conference. To learn more, see our call for speakers.

We also partner with employers to organise tailored events. These include CPD and exam-support sessions, talks with your actuaries or new recruits, and outreach events with school and university students.

With over 32,000 members spanning across more than 100 countries, the IFoA is a thriving global community. We support a diverse range of sectors and business areas, constantly expanding our reach to stay ahead of industry trends.

Through our dedicated regional teams, we organise events and foster engagement with our members worldwide. This creates a unique platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, enabling you to tap into a wealth of expertise and opportunities on a global scale.

At the IFoA, we work closely with employers of all types and sizes, ranging from multinational consultancies to bespoke product providers. We understand your unique talent needs and offer tailored solutions to meet them.

Why the IFoA?

The IFoA is the only chartered professional body dedicated to educating, developing, and regulating actuaries globally.

In addition to the globally recognised qualification, our actuaries add value to any organisation in several ways. Those include ongoing personal and professional development, volunteer activities, and innovative thought in an ever-changing world.

IFoA actuaries tackle some of the biggest problems facing society. They are proud to uphold rigorous professional standards that allow them to support their employers and the industries and sectors in which they work. As a member of the IFoA, actuaries know they are part of a community with shared values whose work makes a tangible difference to society.


QAS accreditation is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the professionalism, training and development, and exceptional standards embedded within your organisational culture.

With over 40 member firms, including multinational organisations and boutique actuarial firms, QAS is a globally recognised mark of outstanding actuarial practice. It is your gateway to showcasing your organisation’s commitment to unparalleled actuarial standards. To learn more, see Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS).

The IFoA’s designated professional body licensing scheme presents an attractive and cost-effective alternative to Financial Conduct Authority regulation. The scheme not only safeguards your clients but also ensures you meet your regulatory requirements seamlessly.

With our scheme, you gain the best of both worlds. Your clients receive the protection they deserve, while you enjoy the freedom and support to excel in your operations. Reduce regulatory burdens and embrace a streamlined approach.

To discover the advantages of the licensing scheme and explore whether your organisation qualifies, see designated professional body.

For life insurers and pension funds seeking unparalleled insights, the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) is your trusted partner.

With a rich history of delivering high-quality, impartial analysis, the CMI provides authoritative and independent mortality and sickness rate tables that are industry benchmarks.

Stay ahead of the curve with the CMI’s cutting-edge research and robust analysis. Subscription is open to organisations that require access to the CMI’s work for commercial purposes, whether they are based in the UK or overseas.

To find out more, see the:

You can showcase your organisation’s brand through association with an IFoA webinar or conference. This provides the perfect marketing opportunity to nurture and create important relationships with an engaged audience of actuaries. They are working across the life insurance, general insurance, banking, pensions, risk, finance, sustainability, and data science fields.

To learn more, see sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.

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