Our Global Community

We are a growing global community with over 65% of our student members based outside of the UK.

We work in partnership with employers and have vibrant regional communities across the globe.

When you qualify as an Associate or Fellow with the IFoA, you are choosing a highly influential professional body that is respected worldwide. We have links with universities in the UK and abroad and regional representatives supporting our members in India, China, South East Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Pakistan.

"The technical skills and commercial acumen you’ll develop as an actuary or actuarial analyst, combined with advances in technology, will open up opportunities in exciting new fields like AI and data science. If you’re interested in a career that can make a real impact, that is challenging but hugely rewarding, then I very much hope you will join us."

Olawale Ayodeji, Consultant, EY, Nigeria

Regional information and Careers Information

We have regional communities all across the globe who can help and support you through your journey to become an actuary. Visit our webpages for China and South East Asia for more information about your region.


Careers Support

We have a number of Careers Ambassadors located around the world, who can share their advice about becoming an actuary, the kind of work you might do in an actuarial role and  the actuarial profession  in your region. If you would like to get in touch with one of our Careers Ambassadors contact us.

View our regional careers guide for South East Asia.


Studying in the UK

If you would like to study in the UK, take a look at our list of the university degrees that are accredited by the IFoA. Many of these universities offer exemptions for some of the IFoA exams that you would need to pass to qualify as an Associate or Fellow. To find out more about the entry requirements for UK university degree programmes, please contact the university directly.


Apprenticeships in the UK

If you are interested applying for an apprenticeship programme in the UK, please note that you must new living in the UK before you are eligible to apply.

Find out more about UK apprenticeships.  


Work Permits

Work permits for those interested in working in the UK are issued by the Borders and Immigration Agency, which is part of the Home Office. Work permit applications can only be made by employers based in the UK who wish to employ people from outside the European Economic Area. Individuals are not allowed to make applications on their own behalf.  More information can be found at http://www.workpermit.com/uk/work_permit/obtaining.htm

You can find a list of organisations that accept graduate scheme applications from students from outside the EU in our Employer Directory.


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