Annual report 2017/2018

Connecting the world

In 2017/2018 we've worked hard to widen the global appeal of the profession. 

We've developed our qualifications as a globally sort-after standard, we've lead with authority in key issues of public interest, and we've built our global community of trusted professionals.

We believe that our achievements over the past year show that our members are in higher demand than ever from regulators, employers and influencers world-wide. We plan to build on this this demand over the coming year as we continue to push for progress for the benefit of our members, partners and in the public interest. 

You can read all about a year of record-breaking growth for the profession in our annual report.

Promoting actuaries worldwide

You can hear more about our key achievements and an introduction from our 2017-2018 President, Majorie Ngwenya in the annual report.

"We are a professional body with high ambitions. I'm delighted that our significant efforts over the past year have enabled us to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and demonstrate that the skills and value that actuaries can bring are more important than ever before."

Marjorie Ngwenya - IFoA President 2017/2018