Scottish Board

About us

The Scottish Board was established in 2010 and consists of members elected to Council by the Scottish Constituency and members who are co-opted to join the Board through a selection process

The remit of the Board is:

  • to encourage and develop the actuarial community in Scotland
  • to raise the profile of actuaries and the profession in Scotland
  • to encourage and advance actuarial academic developments in Scotland.

Who's Who on the Board

The Scottish Board is currently made up of six Council members and a number of other co-opted members based in Scotland.

Leader - Caitlin Stronach (Royal London)
Deputy Leader - Jane Hamilton (Prudential)

Scottish Board Members

  • Council: Alan Rae
  • Council: Melanie Puri
  • Council: Patrick Kelliher
  • Council: Sandy Trust
  • Council: Simon Jones
  • Council: Dr Yan Liu
  • Co-opted member: Andrew Murphy
  • Co-opted member: Anne-Marie Pettie
  • Co-opted member: Chris Anderson
  • Co-opted member: Claire Yule
  • Co-opted member: Ian Sharpe
  • Lay-member: Graeme Jones
  • Co-opted member: Mark Farmer
  • Co-opted member: Mark Laidlaw
  • Co-opted member: Nitesh Aidasani Khyami
  • Co-opted member: Philip Darke
  • Co-opted member: Saorlaith O'Neill
  • Co-opted member: Thomas Taylor
  • GASS President: Eilidh Robertson
  • FASS President: Lewis Currie

Join us

There are two ways to join this Board:

  • if you are a Scottish Constituency member, you can stand for Election to Council and, if elected, you will automatically become a member of the Scottish Board
  • if you are based in Scotland, watch out for an opportunity on the Volunteer Vacancies webpage to apply to become a co-opted member.

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