Management Board

The Management Board is set up by and reports to Council. Council charges the Management Board with oversight responsibility for the operational management of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ (IFoA) business.

Under delegated authority, in accordance with the IFoA’s constitution and the strategy set by Council, the Management Board oversees the operation and management of the IFoA.  It also holds the Executive accountable for their operational activities.

The Board's key responsibilities are detailed in its Terms of Reference.

The current members of the Board are:

Officer Name
Chair Grahame Stott
President Kalpana Shah

Kartina Tahir Thomson

Two Council members (elected by Council)

Hilary Salt

Hitesh Shah

Council Member and representative of Scottish Board (elected by Council)

Patrick Kelliher

The Chairs of the Board's Member Engagement Committee and its Skills and Domains Committee
(where they are not already members of the Board) 

Beate Degen, Chair of Member Engagement Committee*

One Lay Non-Executive Director

Trevor Spires


*The Chair of the Board’s Skills and Domains Committee may also be a member of the Board, where they are not already.

James Harrigan is the Board Secretary.

Under current governance arrangements, the Chair of the Board must be a Fellow or Associate of the IFoA.  They cannot be a member of Council, and cannot hold any other office within the IFoA.