Learning Change Programme FAQs

Empowering you in a rapidly changing professional environment

25 March 2021

The IFoA’s Learning Change Programme consists of a series of interconnected projects that will deliver improvements in our learning provision for members at every stage of their career.

It is the first step in modernising and broadening our qualifications and lifelong learning. It will empower members to succeed in emerging professional domains, keep pace in established areas of actuarial employment, and equip members with the skills and mind set to adapt to a rapidly changing professional environment.

It will improve learning provision to members at every stage in their careers, from students sitting their first examination, to those in senior roles refreshing their knowledge and skills.

The Programme will deliver improvements through projects focused on our pre-Associate learning, pre-Fellowship study, modern and digital methods of assessment, and an enhanced Lifelong learning offering.

The Programme will also improve the way we deliver our assessments, delivering a more robust, technologically advanced, and forward-looking service and ensure our learning offer evolves with the professions’ needs.

25 March 2021

We will review the pre-Associate curriculum to ensure subject areas, case studies and recommended reading are current and internationally relevant.

We will also be undertaking independent research to identify the future needs for the curriculum and developing a new competency framework. 

We will be developing an enhanced  portfolio of learning for pre-Fellowship study, drawing on member-led work in a number of new actuarial areas, with the first new subjects in Banking announced this month. 

30 November 2022

To deliver a high quality, globally accessible service that meets the expectations of our members while maintaining our examinations’ integrity and high standards, we will be taking a digital first approach to IFoA examinations in the future.

A new online examination delivery solution will be implemented, with a phased move of current examinations to the new examination delivery solution from September 2023.

30 November 2022

We will be procuring a new on-screen examination delivery solution to deliver a more advanced, robust service with an improved member experience.  Initially we aim to move a number of our current examinations onto the new examination delivery system in September 2023.

We are also investigating the introduction of objective based testing for the early mathematical modules of our Associate qualification in the medium to longer term, allowing us to consider offering a more flexible, on-demand style testing in the future.

25 March 2021

We have already begun to expand our Lifelong Learning offer and are keen to build on the success of our Certificate in Data Science and new Banking and Sustainability Lifelong Learning microsites. We will be engaging with key stakeholders to scope the IFoA’s future Lifelong Learning offering and develop new opportunities and resources for our members.

25 March 2021

We are ensuring members’ needs are the driving force behind the outcomes from this Programme.  Members will be involved at every possible opportunity. We will be inviting members to contribute wherever relevant, through surveys, email, and newsletters - whenever opportunities arise. 

There are a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, from our Chief Examiners, to University faculty members and actuarial employers.  Their involvement is essential if we want to shape, deliver and embed innovations which will meet members’ and other key stakeholders and partners’ needs. We will be engaging with all these stakeholders through meetings, consultations and a number of IFoA communications channels. 

25 March 2021

The outcomes of the Learning Change Programme will address the challenges that members have said have the greatest impact on their careers.  These will support members to succeed in the rapidly changing global professional environment.

Updating our curriculum will ensure student members develop a broader contemporary knowledge-base and skills, so they can pursue career opportunities in a wider range of emerging actuarial opportunities and roles. The development of a competency framework for the pre-Associate curriculum will also give clear evidence of the competencies and capabilities of our Associate members. Delivering a broader portfolio of learning for pre-Fellowship study will support members looking to broaden their skill base enabling them to move into new areas of actuarial employment.

Improvements in our exam delivery will provide a more robust, technologically advanced, and forward-looking service with greater global accessibility; meeting the service expectations of our members while maintaining our examinations’ integrity and high standards. 

Delivering an enhanced portfolio of Lifelong Learning will give members more opportunities to refresh their knowledge and skills, and build new competencies to support their career aspirations.

25 March 2021

The Learning Change Programme is here to deliver changes and wider learning culture to support you and your employers, now and in the future, in a rapidly changing actuarial employment landscape. Your feedback through our regular member and student surveys, Forums, events and meetings has been invaluable to identify the improvements that are most important to you.

We want you to continue to be involved. We will regularly update you on the Programme’s progress and share information resources through this microsite, The Actuary, Newsletters and email – please look out for opportunities to be get involved and help shape the future.  

If you have questions, suggestions, or require additional information, please contact LCP@actuaries.org.uk. We will use these to create a regularly updated set of Frequently Asked Questions on this webpage where all members can benefit from your thoughts, suggestions and questions. They will be shared on this FAQ page.