Macroeconomic implications of the transition from DB to DC in the UK

Wed 17 Apr 2024 -
10:00 - 11:00

The ongoing shift in the UK funded occupational pension landscape from defined benefit to defined contribution schemes carries significant implications for financial markets and the broader UK macroeconomic environment. 

The key macroeconomic repercussion is an erosion of resources and willingness to invest domestically, from both private and public sources.

This webinar is relevant to actuaries with an interest in investments or pensions.

Featured Speakers


Glyn Bradley FIA, Willis Towers Watson. Deputy chair of the IFoA Pensions Board. He previously chaired the Pensions Dashboards Working Party.

Francisco is an experienced investment professional specialised in multi-asset investing. He leads Uncompromised Research, a knowledge-intensive organization dedicated to sourcing, developing, and executing macroeconomic, financial, and actuarial investment ideas.

His experience was cultivated during his tenure at PIMCO, Wellington Management and the European Commission. Francisco is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. He has also authored several publications in investment management, insurance, and pensions, and was Editor of The Actuary magazine.