IFoA governance reforms: next steps

Following the feedback received from members, Council met on 15 December to consider feedback and agree upon a revised package. This saw the agreement that the IFoA Board should consist of more IFoA member non-executives.

The revised reforms were published on our website on 2 January 2024, allowing for a 28-day period for any objections and feedback. They are available on our regulations changes webpage.

The Council Working Group (CWG) has also been empowered with a mandate for “blue-sky thinking” on the future of Council. CWG has specifically been tasked to devise ways and means by which to guide the IFoA Board as it develops a strategy to implement and align with Council’s vision.

Throughout early 2024, Council is consulting members on the future role of Council. For more information, see our Council Working Group webpage.

In the longer term, in addition to the ongoing engagement process, there are a number of member votes needed to permanently change the way we are run, and these will likely take place in 2026.

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