The future of the Council


In June, Council voted for a reform package that seeks to simplify governance and significantly sharpen lines of accountability.

This has resulted in Council approving a new structure which will see the formation of the IFoA Board. The IFoA Board will have the right experience and an appropriate mix of independent non-executives and non-independent (IFoA member) non-executives.

At the same time, Council, as the democratic embodiment of the membership, will focus on the vision of the organisation and the future of the actuarial profession. To read more about these changes and the revised reform package, visit



Consultation on the future of the Council

The IFoA Council approved a Council Working Group to discuss and consult with members on the future of the Council.

This is part of an effort by the current Council to make sure that the profession both represents its members as well as possible and serves the public interest in furthering the application of actuarial expertise.

As part of this consultation, the Council Working Group is running 3 webinars which will allow for open discussion to give members an opportunity to provide input and share their views.

The webinars will focus on the 6 key areas of consideration that include:

  • the purpose of Council and its area of focus
  • the operating model for Council and how it will function
  • how Council is elected including length of terms and selection processes
  • practice boards and global bodies and how Council can ensure a truly global approach and view
  • the relationship between Council, the IFoA Board and the relevant committees
  • review of the nominations committee and the Council nomination system

Webinars dates and sign up

The most recent webinars took place on 6, 7, and 12 February 2024. 

To read more, see: future of Council webinar slide deck (PDF, 340 KB)

Share your views

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