Transforming underwriting and claims with generative AI: where do we stand?

Tue 18 Jun 2024 -
11:00 - 12:00

The aim of this presentation is to present the potential and latest advances of generative AI in streamlining life and health underwriting and claims processes. These processes involve a large manual effort for a significant proportion of customers, as the risk is often controlled by reviewing unstructured medical evidence.

Generative AI enables much more effective and accurate automated analysis of evidence compared with pre-existing technologies.

The presenters explain why they believe that generative AI solutions will become a commodity and why underwriting and claims teams need to shift their knowledge and expertise to make the most of generative AI solutions.

Underwriting and claims expertise will become essential in helping to build solutions (for example, through prompt engineering) and in using them effectively in daily operations (for example, case summaries and auto-decisioning).

The presenters also introduce the tech behind AIssistant, a generative AI solution already live and built by SCOR teams, which helps streamline underwriting and claims operations.

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