Social Care Working Party update: what will be the shape of long-term care insurance?

Tue 18 Jun 2024 -
14:00 - 15:00

The interest in long-term care is as old as the NHS. But we see the same questions come up time and time again on the difficulties in funding long-term care. The working party is making sure that actuaries are part of the conversation on developing a solution.

In this session the working party intends to give an update on developments since its last talk in 2022. The sessions covers:

  1. Scotland Alzheimer’s Society consultations on the design of long-term care insurance and the potential for genetic testing to shape insurance product designs
  2. Department of Health and Social Care consultation response from the SCWP
  3. A new Bupa paper on length of stay in care homes
  4. The feasibility of using data to design long-term insurance product

In this session 2 members of the working party discuss these points and answer audience questions.

It’s a high-level session rather than a technical one. It should be of interest to actuaries at all levels with an interest in long-term care.

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