Preventive care and digital health: a fad or forever?

Mon 04 Nov 2024 -
14:00 - 15:00

Preventive health care is the thing you do before you get sick to stay healthy. Digital health aims to boost our health and wellbeing. So, it is no surprise that these 2 topics go hand in hand.

With the development and deployment of digital technologies in healthcare, we can more easily achieve the holy grail of medicine: prevention. Firms are increasingly under pressure to embed preventive and digital health solutions. Consumers are wanting a health partner rather than being a claim-paying instrument. But the question remains unanswered: is this a long-term shift or just a fad?

This session discusses the importance of preventive health and highlights key considerations for insurers around preventive and digital care. The speakers also consider the:

  • the importance of early care
  • the impact of preventive care on overall healthcare and the challenges it brings
  • the role of digital health in prevention and how insurers can truly become leaders in this space

This is a high-level interactive live session rather than a technical one. It should be of interest to actuaries of all levels with an interest in healthcare, including senior actuaries and team leaders responsible for healthcare.



  • Ailsa Dunn, Hymans Robertson
  • Dharshini Navaratnam, Hymans Robertson

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