Enhance your productivity and effectiveness as an actuary using a growth mind-set

Mon 22 Apr 2024 -
15:00 - 16:00

Join us for a practical webinar designed to enhance your productivity as an actuary. This session goes beyond standard time management advice, delving into the science of mindset and its impact on work efficiency. You'll learn how to foster a growth-oriented mindset, enhancing resilience, focus, and a proactive approach to your tasks.

We'll also introduce specific tools that can help streamline your tasks and optimize your work processes. Plus, we'll guide you in creating a personalized productivity system that integrates these tools with mindset techniques and time management strategies.

This webinar is an opportunity to refine your work approach, improving your efficiency and work-life balance. No matter your actuarial discipline, this session is designed to provide you with practical strategies that you can apply directly to your daily work.

Join us to gain new insights and tools to enhance your productivity and effectiveness in your actuarial career.

Session takeaways:

  • Understanding Mindset: Explore the science behind mindset and its profound impact on productivity. Learn how cultivating a growth-oriented mindset can enhance your efficiency across various actuarial disciplines.
  • Developing a Productivity-Boosting Mindset: Discover the key elements of a mindset that fosters productivity. Learn strategies to foster resilience, focus, and a proactive approach to your work, regardless of your actuarial specialty.
  • Leveraging Productivity Tools: Identify specific tools designed to enhance time management and project workflow. Understand how to use these tools to streamline your tasks and optimize your work processes in the actuarial field.
  • Creating Your Personal Productivity System: Follow a step-by-step guide to building your own productivity system. Learn how to integrate mindset techniques, time management strategies, and productivity tools into a cohesive system that aligns with your unique work style and needs.

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Theresa Ruhayel chairs the F&I Practice Board's Lifelong Learning Committee.

Aree Bly, an actuary turned speaker, author, and coach, is passionate about fostering sustainable success in actuaries and other analytical professionals. She uses her 25 years of experience as a healthcare actuary in the US to support actuaries in all stages of their careers. Known for her ability to unlock potential, she guides individuals and teams in crafting careers and lives they truly love and look forward to enjoying.

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