General Insurance Spring Conference 2024: Introduction to AI extinction risk (x-risk)

Thu 02 May 2024 -
09:30 - 10:30

Are you worried about the existential risks of AI? Should you be more worried? Or maybe you don’t need to worry just yet?

This session explores the potential for AI to cause extinction events, incorporating:

  • a brief history of AI as a discipline
  • the technological singularity
  • the alignment problem
  • whether large language models are really giving glimpses of artificial general intelligence (AGI) or not
  • extinction risks and shorter-term societal impacts of AI

This session is helpful to any actuary wondering about AI risks and ethical considerations in their work.

The speakers are from the ethics workstream of the IFoA Data Science Community.

Featured Speakers

Matthew Byrne is an actuary with over 20 years’ experience in general insurance. In his current role with NFU Mutual as Head of Actuarial Function he leads a team delivering second line risk assurance across a wide range of business areas. He has been an active member of many IFoA working parties, and currently chairs the ethics workstream of the IFoA Data Science Community.

Hazel Davis is an actuary at Sabre Insurance company. Her background is mainly in personal lines pricing (both technical pricing and market pricing) but she now works on a wider range of actuarial areas.

Hazel was previously a member of the IFoA’s Modelling, Analytics and Insights from Data Working Party, learning more about data science for actuaries and how to embrace new techniques to build on existing actuarial skills.

Now, as a member of the IFoA’s Data Science – Professionalism, Regulations and Ethics Working Party, Hazel has enjoyed researching the professional and ethical challenges – not just ‘what can we do?’ but ‘what should we do?’

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