General Insurance Spring Conference 2024: General insurance pricing – what is next?

Wed 01 May 2024 -
09:30 - 10:30

Numerous market events in recent years such as inflation, regulatory changes, and competitive pressures have underscored the dynamic and ever-changing nature of general insurance pricing within the actuarial practice.

This session explores a range of topics relevant to actuaries, looking at what is next in the insurance pricing landscape, including:

  • real-time portfolio monitoring of risk outliers linked to Customer Duty requirements
  • application of machine learning in non-risk models, such as propensity-to-buy or clustering vehicle brands to categorise segments
  • leveraging AI-assisted functionalities in GLM/GAM to cope with resource challenges and still be regulatory compliant
  • integration of emissions data into modelling and monitoring processes, considering climate-related regulations and sustainability considerations

The session takes a high-level overview, with experts providing insights into the technical aspects within the context of the general insurance pricing process.

To actively involve the audience, a survey will be conducted and discussed as part of the presentation.

This session is designed to appeal to actuaries at all levels who are keen on exploring the future of insurance pricing.

Featured Speakers

Co Founder and CEO of Quantee

Dawid is Co Founder and CEO of Quantee, an award winning insurtech launched in 2018 which offers SaaS solutions for insurance pricing. Dawid is a qualified actuary and Fellow at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK as well as the Polish Society of Actuaries, and has held previous actuarial roles at insurers across the UK, France, Poland, and Germany including Aviva, Royal London, and HannoverRe.

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