IFoA Asia Conference 2024: online programme

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Wed 24 Jul 2024, 09:05 -
Thu 25 Jul 2024, 17:45

Join us for the 2-day Asia Conference 2024 in Guangzhou, China, and online. Jiong Du, Conference Chair and Head of Business Acceptance and Chief Pricing Actuary for Asia Pacific at SCOR Global Life, sets out to make the conference ‘stand out among events across the region’ by ‘stimulating discussions beyond various product/capital/accounting technical lens.’

This year’s theme is ‘Tomorrow’s actuarial science: emerging trends and technologies’. Our established format provides a strong platform for knowledge exchange and networking within the actuarial and related industries.


Activity Time Details
Keynote speaker 09:05 - 09:35
Plenary 1 09:35 - 10:35 Navigating the complicated global macro-economic environment Read more


  • Steven Yu, Yuyuan Technology
  • Xin Liu, Sunshine Insurance Group
  • Zhao Wei Yee, HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Thibaut Ferret, HSBC Global Asset Management

Language: English

Plenary 2 11:05 - 12:05 Leveraging reinsurance for risk and capital management Read more

Rising reinsurance costs, evolving regulations, and the need for balance sheet optimisation have made reinsurance an important tool for APAC insurers.

The APAC region has seen a tightening of reinsurance capacity relative to demand driven by a tougher economic and market condition. This has made it crucial for insurers in this market to effectively manage their capital and mitigate risks.

This session:

  • delves into the evolving reinsurance landscape in both the life and non-life segments
  • explores how insurers can use reinsurance for risk and capital management
  • discusses the current challenges and opportunities in the reinsurance market

Some of these challenges include:

  • optimising capital allocation through structured reinsurance solutions
  • transferring risks to enhance financial stability
  • diversifying risk portfolios
  • managing solvency and reserves
  • addressing non-core or legacy liabilities

Join for a discussion on strategies and practices for using reinsurance to meet strategic needs and manage risk and capital for both the life and non-life segments.


  • Yuan Tian, Gallagher Re, Singapore
  • Sylvia Pleskot, Swiss Re, Hong Kong

Language: English

Workshop A1 13:15 - 14:00 The par business playbook: China’s low-interest response and UK’s wind down journey Read more

China’s recent monetary policy easing, marked by a cut in loan interest rates and a reduction in the deposit reserve ratio, has led to a market yield that is at a historic two-decade low. With a negative duration gap, insurers are now facing the challenges posed by a low-interest-rate environment.

Participating (par) products have surfaced as a viable strategy to combat these challenges. But managing par products is not without its hurdles, encompassing areas such as product design, pricing, asset-liability management (ALM), actuarial modelling, PRE management, and communication.


  • George Leung, Deloitte
  • Ken Liang, Deloitte
  • Dhiran Dookhi, Deloitte

Language: English

Plenary 3 14:15 - 15:15 How is AI reshaping the industry and changing the way we work? Read more

AI is redefining actuarial science, enhancing risk assessment, personalising customer interactions and product offering, and refining investment strategies.

AI’s advanced analytics offer unprecedented precision in risk profiling and pricing, transforming insurance products and services. This panel explores how AI integrates sophisticated data sources to innovate risk management, streamline operations through automation, and adapt investment decisions by predicting market trends.

The session also addresses regulatory and ethical considerations for a robust usage of AI.

Join to discuss how actuaries can harness AI to elevate accuracy, efficiency, and innovation in the insurance and investment sectors.


  • Bob Charles, Coherent
  • Jing Rong Goh, Singapore Management University
  • Koon Shing Kwong, Singapore Management University

Language: English

IFoA Annual General Meeting 2024 16:45 - 18:00 Read more

The IFoA’s AGM for 2024 will be delivered in-person from the IFoA Asia Conference. Members can also join in London and online. The AGM is for members only and is free to attend but you must book your place.

Members can choose if they wish to attend when booking for the conference.

Activity Time Details
Keynote speaker 09:10 - 09:30
Plenary 4 09:30 - 10:30 ESG panel: best practice considerations for actuaries Read more

ESG is no longer a theoretical concept. It encapsulates a wide range of aspects that actuaries should already be factoring into their work.

Through an engaging panel discussion and Q&A, touching on the full spectrum of actuarial specialisms and focus areas, this session explores how our experts are factoring ESG into their daily work.

For health, learn how social aspects can be factored into pricing and products.

For general insurance, learn how CAT and extreme weather is impacting best practice daily work. And how sustainability and risk management are essential components of product design, customer benefit, and risk mitigation.

For life, learn how ESG will influence product features and support the financial strength of Asia’s aging populations.

For investment management, learn how ESG is strongly influencing the strategies and sustainable portfolios.

And much more.


  • Martin Noble, Zurich Insurance, Hong Kong
  • Chelsea Jiang, AXA, Hong Kong

Language: English

Plenary 5 11:00 - 12:00 Evolution of critical illness insurance: an experience-based journey Read more


  • Orchis Li, Gen Re, Hong Kong, China
  • Benedict Tan, Gen Re, Singapore, Singapore
  • Dokkie Nel, Swiss Re

Language: English

Workshop C1 12:15 - 13:00 Building blocks for the best practice retirement solution Read more


  • Alex Li, Aon, Shanghai, China

Language: English

Plenary 6 14:15 - 15:15 Navigating the uncertainties: how (re)insurers can better manage the emerging risks most relevant to their businesses Read more

In today’s rapidly changing world, (re)insurers face a multitude of emerging risks that have the potential to significantly impact their operations and strategic decision-making.

This interactive presentation aims to provide a comprehensive overview of emerging risks and their implications for (re)insurers and professionals in related fields.

Through a combination of industry insights, research findings, and practical examples, join the session to gain a deeper understanding of the key attributes of emerging risks, their taxonomy, and the methodologies used to measure their impact.

The presentation also highlights the latest global emerging risks identified by the World Economic Forum and Marsh McLennan Global Risks Report.


  • Jingwei Jia, Oliver Wyman, Hong Kong
  • Chadwick Cheung, Oliver Wyman, Hong Kong

Language: English

Workshop D1 15:30 - 16:15 How do we manage and govern the use of AI effectively? A critical examination of the issues and challenges (including biases) faced by actuaries and practical recommendations for navigating the evolving landscape of actuarial practice in the era of AI Read more


  • Elena Djarlijeva, BUPA, UK
  • Christine Fairall, BUPA, UK

Language: English

Plenary 7: professional skills 16:45 - 17:45 Professionalism

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Online conference: member £215
Online conference: non-member £245