Brian Hey Prize

The Brian Hey Prize was established in 1998. Brian Hey was a senior and respected actuary who worked in general insurance.

In his memory, his family and employer donated funds to further actuarial research and the IFoA has used this to establish a research-based prize in his memory. The Brian Hey Prize is usually awarded for the best paper submitted to each year’s GIRO Conference.

2024 prize

Researchers are cordially invited to submit their general insurance actuarial research papers for the Brian Hey prize 2024. The prize has a great history in helping to highlight research that is practical and helpful for members of the IFoA general insurance practice area. Each year, it is awarded at the GIRO conference for the best paper.

Submissions close on 30 August 2024

Read the 2024 guidelines (PDF, 190 KB)

Previous winners


Recent Brian Hey prize winners


2023 Reserving for climate change: 2023 Working Party Update: Litigation, Wordings and Qualitative Tools Climate Change Reserving Working Party
2022 Asbestos Working Party 2022 update By members of the Asbestos Working Party
2021 LocalGLMnet: interpretable deep learning for tabular data Ronald Richman, Mario V. Wüthrich
2020 The Actuary and IBNR Techniques: A Machine Learning Approach Ronald Richman and Caesar Balona
2019 No winner n/a
2018 Self-assembling insurance claim models using regularized regression and machine learning Gráinne McGuire, Hugh Miller and Greg Taylor
2017 No winner n/a
2016 Analyzing the Disconnect Between the Reinsurance Submission and Global Underwriter's Needs CAS International Pricing Research Working Party - Chair: John Buchanan
2015 Application of the Solvency II actuarial function to general insurance firms The Actuarial Function Working Party
2015 Bias, guess and expert judgement in actuarial work The Getting Better Judgement Working Party
2014 Towards the Optimal Reserving Process Neil Bruce (Chair) and members of the Towards the Optimal Reserving Process Working Party
2013 Solvency II Technical Provisions for General Insurers Susan Dreksler (Chair) and members of the Solvency II Technical Provisions Working Party
2012 Triangle-Free Reserving Pietro Parodi
2011 Extending the Mack bootstrap Joseph Lo
2010 Crop Micro Insurance Agrotosh Mookerjee (chair) and members of the Working Party
2009 Winner's curse Mark Rothwell (chair) and members of Working Party
2008 Integrating pricing and capital modelling J B Crozet (chair) and members of Working Party
2007 Reinsurance counterparty credit risks Mark Flower (chair) and members of Working Party
2006 Catastrophe modelling Graham Fulcher (chair) and members of Working Party
2005 Periodical payments and the Courts Act Anthony Williams (chair) and members of Working Party
2004 UK asbestos - the definitive guide Julian Lowe (chair) and members of Working Party
2003 The cycle survival kit. An investigation into the reserving cycle and other issues Nick Line (chair) and members of Working Party
2002 Pricing excess of loss treaty with loss sensitive features: an exposure rating approach Ana J Mata, Brian Fannin and Mark A Verheyen
2001 No winner n/a
2000 Underwriting cycles and business strategies Sholom Feldblum
1999 No winner n/a
1998 Financial pricing of insurance in the multiple line insurance company J David Cummins, Franklin Allen and Richard D Phillips