Accepted SA0 research dissertations

One of the current policy objectives of the IFoA is to equip actuaries to move into a broader range of roles, and so some students undertake original research as an alternative to one of the Specialist Applications subjects.


The following SA0 research dissertations have been accepted:

Title Author Year
Cyber-insurance pricing models James Bardopoulos 2020
Data science in insurance: some introductory case studies Marco Aleandri 2019
Generalized log-normal chain ladder Di Kuang 2018
Insurance loss coverage under restricted risk classification MingJie Hao 2018
Small population bias and sampling effects in stochastic mortality modelling * Liang Chen 2017
The valuation implications of enterprise risk management Mark Farrell and Ronan Gallagher 2014
Essay on welfare effects of developing reverse mortgage market in China Man On Wong 2014
Adverse selection in a start-up long-term care insurance market Craig Adams 2014
Essays in modelling mortality rates Colin O'Hare 2012
Practical example of a split benefit accelerated critical illness insurance product Anton Brink 2011
A semi-Markov multiple state model for reverse mortgage terminations Min Ji 2011
Pricing maturity guarantees in a regime-switching diffusion market Catherine Donnelly 2011
Computational intelligence techniques for general insurance Pietro Parodi 2009
Time series modelling of Gompertz-Makeham mortality curves: Historical analysis, forecasting and life insurance applications Oliver Lockwood 2009
Ambiguity aversion and insurance Daniel Clarke 2008


* Please apply to IFoA Library Service regarding access to this thesis.

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