The Actuaries' Code Principle 6 - Communication

Principle 6 - Communication

6.0 Members must communicate appropriately.

6.1 Members must communicate in a timely manner, clearly, and in a way that takes into account the users.

6.2 Members must show clearly that they take responsibility for their work when communicating with users.

6.3 Members must take reasonable steps to ensure that any communication for which they are responsible or in which they have a significant involvement is accurate, not misleading, and contains an appropriate level of information.

6.4 Where Members identify that a user of their work has, or is reasonably likely to have, misunderstood or misinterpreted the information or advice provided by them in a way that could have a material impact, Members should draw the user's attention to this.

Good communication is key to ensuring users of actuarial work can rely on the information being provided and make informed decisions. Members have to ensure their communication is appropriate to their audience. This also entails taking responsibility for your own work and ensuring you take care in your use of the media.

Find out more in our Guidance on the Communication Principle of the Actuaries’ Code. You can read the Guidance online, download a copy, or view the questions below which will take you to the corresponding part of the Guidance:

What is Communication?

What do you mean by communicate appropriately?

Applying the principle to your work

How do I determine what is appropriate?

Should I always put my name to my work?

I’m responsible for work carried out by my team, must I understand every detail before I sign off on their work?

Social and other media

Does the principle apply to social and other media?

What are the risks associated with social media?

Does the principle apply to personal use of social media?

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