The Actuaries' Code Principle 4 - Compliance

Principle 4 - Compliance

4. Members must comply with all relevant legal, regulatory and professional requirements.

4.1 Members must take reasonable steps to ensure they are not placed in a position where they are unable to comply.

4.2 Members must, as soon as reasonably possible, disclose to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries any of the following, to which they become subject:

  1. an adverse final determination, judgement, or disqualification by a regulatory body acting in the exercise of its statutory or regulatory function
  2. a court finding of fraud or dishonesty
  3. a conviction of a criminal offence.

The principle of Compliance entails abiding by and applying all legal, regulatory and professional requirements. Members have to investigate which requirements apply to their piece of work and themselves and keep abreast of any changes.

Find out more in our Guidance on the Compliance Principle of the Actuaries’ Code. You can read the Guidance online, download a copy, or view the questions below which will take you to the corresponding part of the Guidance:

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