How to use the Guidance

The Guidance will assist members in understanding their professional and regulatory responsibilities under the Code. Each section has been drafted to support a particular principle. The Guidance is available in a single comprehensive document or individual chapters to allow Members to easily access information on particular topics.

Important note: Each section is available to access from the relevant principle webpage. You can read the Guidance online, download a copy, or use the questions below which will take you to the corresponding part of the Guidance:

Purpose of the Code and Guidance

Why does the IFoA have a Code?

Why is there Guidance to the Actuaries’ Code?

Is one principle more important that the others?

How will the Guidance help me?

Is the Guidance mandatory?


How the Code applies to me

Who does the Code apply to?

When does the Code apply to me?

I don’t work in the UK, does the Code apply to me?

I am not currently working as an actuary, does the Code apply to me?

What is an actuarial role?

Does the Code apply to my personal life too?

Can I refer to the Guidance when a complaint is made against me?


Applying the Code

What is the difference between the principles and the amplifications?

What is the difference in obligation where “must” and “should” are used?

How to I determine who a “User” is?

What are the consequences of not following the Code?

What do I do if the Code conflicts with another obligation?