Resources for SA3

These materials are optional or suggested additional reading for IFoA exam subject SA3 that may complement IFoA Core Reading and tuition provider material for this exam subject.

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Title links lead to book details on the IFoA Library catalogue. From there, IFoA members and students can 'Request' the book from the IFoA Library Service, subject to availability. Members can also follow the ‘Access eBook’ links below after logging in through the member portal. Access articles after member login to the IFoA eLibrary using the Actuarial Knowledge Hub and following DOI links shown below.

SA3 core reading for the current year is the key study reference for this exam and is available from the IFoA e-shop.

Students may also work with the study guide and course materials for this exam from the Actuarial Education Company.

Suggested additional reading for Subject SA3 General Insurance Advanced

Students may find it useful to consult some of the suggested reading listed within the 'Solving Problems' section of the SA3 Core Reading to obtain a wider appreciation or different viewpoint when studying a particular topic.

However, students are not expected to have read all of the items on the list or to have gained detailed knowledge of any particular topic additional to that contained in the core reading. Equally, students may use other sources of information to enhance their wider understanding, such as:

  • The financial press and weekend supplements
  • The Actuary Magazine
  • bulletins and other publications from reinsurers and consultancies
  • Publications and websites of reinsurers and actuarial consultancies
  • Papers from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Staple Inn Actuarial Society (SIAS)
  • Future IFoA events and webinars found on the IFoA event calendar
  • Past general insurance-related presentations made at IFoA events, including session and webinar recordings, which can be found on the IFoA's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • GI-related presentations made at conferences that sit within other practice areas (e.g. Sustainability).

Actuarial Standards

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries is responsible for the setting of ethical actuarial standards. The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is responsible for the setting of technical actuarial standards.



Other monographs including guidance

Reference sources (references for SA3 Core Reading)

Books (also respectively referenced in IFoA Core Reading for subjects SP7 and SP8; these are not examinable).