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Knowledge Sharing Scotland (KSS) Session: The Value of Actuaries on Boards

Monday 8 April, 17.00 to 19.00 (GMT)

Venue - The Bank of Scotland Headquarters, Bryce Hall, The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ (please bring ID for security checks).

On Monday 8 April we will be holding a special Presidential KSS event in person at The Bank of Scotland HQ on the Mound.

The event will be a panel discussion on the topic of “The value of Actuaries on Boards”.


Chaired by Alan Rae (Member of IFoA Council), the panel will include distinguished Actuary/NEDs

  • Kalpana Shah (President of the IFoA)
  • Seamus Creedon (Chairman of the IFoA NED Community)
  • John Taylor (Past President of the IFoA)
  • Mark Laidlaw (Member of Scottish Board).

The event will be of general interest to all actuaries, not just those serving on Boards, or aspiring to do so. Much of our actuarial work ends up going to boards for approval, so knowledge of how a good board should function, and what information they want to receive is important for all actuaries.

The discussion will run from 17.15 to 18.45 allowing plenty of time for questions from the floor.

To register to attend the event, please contact Jane Hamilton.

Scottish Actuaries Club dinner

A Scottish Actuaries Club dinner at the New Club on Princes Street will follow the discussion where panel members will be guests. Members of the SAC will be notified of the details shortly. If you are not yet a member of the Scottish Actuaries Club and would like to attend the dinner, then please contact Clare Anderson for details of how to join. New members get to attend this dinner at half price!

Please note, KSS is an initiative of the Scottish Board but events themselves are organised ‘by members for members’. This means if you are an attendee at a KSS event or contact of KSS your data is held by KSS volunteers and event organisers independently of the IFoA.

Conference in Celebration of David Wilkie’s 90th Birthday

11 April, The Guildhall, York

A major actuarial event to celebrate David Wilkie's 90th birthday, with distinguished speakers from around the world.

The conference theme will revolve around economic scenario generators and mortality modelling, two areas to which David has contributed substantially over more than 60 years.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • Prof Andrew Cairns (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Prof Mary Hardy (University of Waterloo, Toronto)
  • Prof Moshe Milevsky (York University, Toronto)
  • Dr Andrew Smith (University College Dublin)
  • Hande Love (Hymans Robertson)
  • Kalpana Shah (President, IFoA)
  • Alasdair Thompson (Moody’s)
  • Stuart McDonald and Vivienne Maclure (CMI)

A call for papers, an agenda, and booking information will follow shortly.

Official organiser: School for Business and Society, University of York

Find out more about the conference

Arab Actuarial Conference 2024

23 to 25 April, Tunis, Tunisia

The Arab Actuarial Conference is a regional professional platform for actuaries, actuarial firms, businesses, and industries that depend on actuarial work. This includes insurance, finance, banking, healthcare, pensions, and risk management.

The highly attended on-site event tackles emerging issues and future themes affecting actuarial work especially as it relates to the said sectors. Conducted in a different Arab capital every year, the 2024 edition is hosted in Tunisia.

Learn more about Arab Actuarial Conference 2024

CFA UK Sustainability Conference 2024: Driving real change

22 May, London

Discover how sustainable investing is helping to deliver solutions in climate and nature, and how impact investing is accelerating that move.

Find out more and register for CFA’s Sustainability Conference 2024

Knowledge Sharing Scotland (KSS) Session: Why Oceans and Marine Biodiversity Matter as Investment Issues

28 May, Online event


Andre Ranchin (Investment Consultant and Biodiversity Lead – Hymans Robertson)
Will Oulton (Chair – European Sustainable Investment Forum and Non-Executive Trustee Director – Marine Conservation Society).

Please note as KSS is about open and active discussion this event will not be available to view after the live event.

Registration link

The KSS will cover a high-level introduction to biodiversity/nature issues for finance then move on to focus on marine issues, in line with the topics covered in the Hymans Robertson insights article published on 30th January 2024.

The ocean, covering 70% of the Earth's surface and holding 97% of all water, is critical for life and plays a vital role in climate regulation. The 'blue economy,' valued at $2.5trn annually, encompasses marine activities such as renewable energy, shipping, tourism, fishing, aquaculture, and blue technology, making oceans the seventh-largest economy by GDP with assets estimated at $24trn. A sustainable blue economy offers investment opportunities and substantial environmental benefits.

However, the health of the ocean is under severe threat due to pollution, overexploitation of marine biodiversity, and climate change. These pressures pose risks to industries, businesses, and livelihoods within the entire blue economy. Despite the growing interest in sustainability from businesses and investors, awareness of the ocean's role in combating the climate and biodiversity crises remains low in the global investment industry. It is crucial that the momentum towards sustainability does not neglect the ocean and marine biodiversity.

We look forward to having you attend the event!

This event is open to members living/working in Scotland. KSS is an initiative set up by the Scottish Board to offer locally accessible CPD opportunities across Scotland. These events are organised by members for members of the IFoA, and others, in Scotland. This means if you are an attendee at a KSS event or contact of KSS your data is held by KSS volunteers and event organisers independently of the IFoA.

European Congress of Actuaries 2024

6 to 7 June, Rome, Italy

The Actuarial Association of Europe and the Italian Society of Actuaries invite you to the 2024 European Congress of Actuaries (ECA 2024) in Rome, Italy.

This on-site event is expected to attract over 350 experts and executives from Europe and beyond. The congress provides an exciting actuarial congress program and valuable networking opportunities for the European actuarial community.

Learn more about ECA 2024

Insurance Data Science Conference

17 to 18 June, Stockholm

The conference brings together academics and practitioners in data science, analytics, machine learning, AI, computational statistics, and software, as applied in the insurance industry.

Learn more about the Insurance Data Science Conference

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