QAS CPD Scheme

QAS Accredited Organisations are eligible to opt into the outcomes-focused QAS Continuing Professional Development scheme, which is available to all QAS Accredited Organisations.

QAS CPD is a fully outcomes-focused approach to CPD for Organisations (or parts of Organisations) accredited under the QAS. Members employed by a QAS Accredited Organisation opting into the QAS CPD Scheme will not be required to comply with the individual requirements set out under the IFoA’s CPD Scheme. They are also exempt from any additional CPD requirements applying under the IFoA’s Practising Certificate Scheme.

Accreditation, re-accreditation, and monitoring visits for organisations choosing to participate in the QAS CPD Scheme will include a review of the associated policies and procedures, which will usually relate to Development and Training Outcome. Accredited Organisations will also be asked to provide updates on related policies and procedures as part of their Annual Return.

We have produced a set of FAQs below and there is more information on the Scheme in both the QAS CPD Scheme Guide and the QAS handbook.

If you have any questions about the scheme or would like to join please get in touch with us


Any organisation which holds QAS Accreditation is deemed suitable to join the QAS CPD Scheme.

Monitoring of the policies and procedures underpinning the QAS CPD Scheme usually will take the form of the following:

  • Annual return – a section dedicated to QAS CPD in which details of activities, policies and procedures should be provided
  • Accreditation, monitoring, or re-accreditation visit – activities, policies, and procedures will normally be assessed during the organisation’s next visit

The QAS Committee reserves the right to make changes and adaptations to the assessment criteria for the QAS CPD Scheme. Under such circumstances, any participating organisation may be subject to further assessment. Please note that all assessments and visits are carried out remotely.

For those applying for accreditation, organisations should indicate interest on their QAS Application Form.

Accredited organisations should simply get in touch with the QAS Team, who will guide you through the process (

No, there is no requirement for Members of participating organisations to complete a set number of CPD hours.

It will be up to organisations to decide how to implement the scheme, with Members encouraged to monitor their progress against their individual learning outcomes/objectives on an ongoing basis.

No, there is no requirement for Members of participating organisations to hold reflective practice discussions.

Organisations may, however, choose to include reflective discussions, or similar, as part of their implementation of the QAS CPD Scheme. Feedback suggests that these types of discussions are one of the most useful aspects of the outcomes-based scheme.

Individual members must advise of any move to or from a QAS CPD organisation. Our team will advise how many pro-rata hours are required if any.

Yes, all members, except students will need to participate in QAS CPD if the organisation has opted into the scheme. This relates to those employed at relevant parts of the organisation, where QAS accreditation applies to part of an organisation rather than the whole.

Yes, the QAS CPD Scheme does not apply to students, so students will continue to be subject to Personal and Professional Development (PPD) requirements.

No, the members working at participating organisations do not need to log their CPD activity with the IFoA. However, the option to continue to complete the CPD log will remain available for individuals who find it useful.

We can provide Members participating in the QAS CPD Scheme with written confirmation that their employment at such an organisation means their CPD requirements are as set out by their employer through the implementation of the QAS CPD Scheme.

Please note that it will be up to each membership body to decide whether or not this is acceptable evidence that members have met that body’s CPD requirements. Please email to request such confirmation.

There is no need for a member to apply for non practising status because it is entirely up to them/their employer what CPD, if any, they should complete.  If you are not practising as an actuary it is likely that any training and development will relate to your specific role, which is entirely acceptable under the QAS CPD Scheme.

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