Indian Actuarial Network UK

About us

Founded in 2014, the Indian Actuarial Network UK aims to become a global network for providing guidance and support to actuarial professionals of Indian origin by:

  • providing a dedicated networking platform for all actuarial professionals of Indian origin across the globe
  • promoting the interests of Indian actuaries working in different parts of the world by sharing their educational and professional experiences
  • organising technical and social events at which qualified members can give support and advice to actuarial students
  • providing opportunities for qualified members to meet other talented and dynamic minds in the actuarial profession in order to fulfill CPD requirements.

Who's Who in the Society

President:  Jyotsna Kaushik

Committee members

  • Ravi Dubey
  • Chiranjeet Singh
  • Pragya Kanodia
  • Rishi Bhatia
  • Ritika Rustagi
  • Shilpi Nanda
  • Asim Vikram Ghosh
Indian Actuarial Network UK

Join us

​If you would like to join us, or to simply find out more about the Indian Actuarial Network UK, please contact us at