Channel Islands Actuarial Association

St Peter Port, Guernsey

About us

The objective of the Channel Islands Actuarial Association is to create an environment for actuaries and actuarial students in Guernsey and Jersey that supports their professional development and enhances their knowledge of current actuarial topics.

It currently has around 50 members and creates extensive networking opportunities for its members.

Who’s who in the association

  • President: Erin Bisson, BWCI Group
  • Vice President: Jonathan Kemp, BWCI Group
  • Honorary Secretary: Michael Jones, Marco Capital
  • Honorary Treasurer: Matt Le Blond, BWCI Group
  • Ordinary Member: Luke Berry, Utmost
  • Ordinary Member: Lesley Howgego, Strategic Risk Solutions
  • Ordinary Member: Kevin Sockalingum, Humboldt Re
  • Ordinary Member: Sam Langlois, Utmost

Meetings and events

Meetings are generally held at the offices of BWCI Group - Albert House, South Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey.

Join us

To find out more or to join the Channel Islands Actuarial Association, please contact